Colon Cancer? Kick its BUTT!

By: Kristyn Atz & Stephani McDonald

What Is Colon Cancer?

Colon cancer is a malignant tumor of the colon; early symptom is bloody stools. 1 in 20 people have a liftime risk of colon cancer, with 100,000 deaths from colon cancer each year. Although colon cancer deaths have been decreasing over the last 20 years, it is expected of about 50,830 in the year 2013. It effects both sexes, so it can happen to anyone. Its the 3rd most diagnosed cancer!!

Undy 5000 5K run/walk

What Is it?

The Undy 5000 is a family friendly 5k run or walk in your boxers to raise money for colon cancer patients and develope awareness about colon cancer. Awards will be given for timed 5K. This is a serious condition and we want to make people aware of this type of cancer. Alot of humans around the world suffer from this devastating illness. Help us out in this 5K run! Wear your underwear!!!!! It will be such a fun experiance for the whole family! No one likes the "C" word, yes cancer.

Undy 5000 Run


Buffalo, NY - 4/27/2013

Kendallville, IN - 4/30/2013

Denver, CO - 6/22/2013
Tacoma, WA - 6/29/2013
Jersey Shore, NJ - 7/20/2013
Nashville, TN - 8/17/2013

Philadelphia, PA - 9/14/2013
Piedmont Triad, NC - 9/21/2013

Washington, DC - 9/28/2013
Cincinnati, OH - 10/12/2013
Peoria, IL - 10/19/2013
Dallas, TX - 10/26/2013
Atlanta, GA - 11/2/2013
Phoenix, AZ - 11/16/2013

These events will start at your towns High School and run throughout town. There will be water stands and arrows thoughout the race.

Mini Triathlon

UNDY WHERE.....UNDY THERE! We are hosting a mini triathlon in Kendallville, Indiana on April 29th for thoes who would love to come out and support colon cancer. If you would like to participate in this event then contact us at @kristyn_atz and @HeartStephani on twitter! we wouldlove to have you join us in raising money and awareness! The events will be the following all ages may participate, we will divide participants in age groups: swimming activities @ 1pm, foot races @ 2pm, basketball games @ 4pm, baseball games @ 6pm, in your most relaxed undies. After all the main events take time to settle and have fun with a bounce house and other mini activites for all children. All refreshments will be a dollar; all money goes to local colon cancer victoms for mdical bills and such. There will be a firework show to end the night @ 9pm.

Support Colon Cancer

Wear these rubber bracelets to support colon cancer. They are trendy bracelets that you may purchase at all procedes will go to Blue Note Fund for people with Colon Cancer. The money will help cover some Medical Bills. The aid will help people who are recovery and are even less fortonite.