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November 12th-16th

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Ring Leader Tidbits

~ Shout out to Tammie for working to organize our canned food drive! It's such a good cause, and Community Link appreciates the donations each year!

~ Make sure to send out the LiiNK cold weather letters. Also, remember if a parent writes a note saying their student needs to sit out at recess, make arrangements in the library, office, other classrooms, etc. for them to stay while at recess.

~ Just a friendly reminder.... Please make sure you are here in time for duty. Often, we may have to ask people to cover duties for someone who is off campus, absent, etc., and we appreciate SO much everyone who steps in and does whatever is asked. We are all a team, and please remember that it takes everyone working together to make Elkins such a great place to be! Teachers should ALL be in classrooms BEFORE the 7:20 bell. We should be greeting kids and welcoming them to school. Shout out to several teachers who have created the "greeting" system outside of their door! Kids get to choose how they are feeling each day! This is SO great and gives us a great glimpse of how the day may unfold and/or who may need a little extra attention for the day! Shout out to Kathleen for ALWAYS being willing to cover duties for whoever/whenever/however! It definitely takes a village!!

~ One thing to focus on during your planning, is how you unwrap your standards. When I come to PLC meetings in January, I'm going to be asking about planning, your processes, and how you utilize the TEKS then break them down in order to create your instructional practices and lessons. This is something that we have discussed (backwards design) but will revisit to ensure we are all using the TEKS and know what needs to be taught and to what depth.

~ We will have a staff meeting today in the library. Paras do not need to attend. We will have a review on blended learning framework and learn about the instructional practice of reciprocal teaching. I'm excited to begin our learning, and I apologize for the delay. As we all know, something always seems to come up, but I want to reserve today for professional learning!

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School Bulletin

~ Don't forget to relay to parents that we are in need of heavy coats for students this winter! Speaking of winter, make sure to send out the LiiNK weather guidelines to ALL grade levels. As the weather gets colder, parents need reminders that we do go outside, and students need reminders to bring the appropriate winter weather clothes.

~ We ARE having an obstructed fire drill this week (weather permitting). Make sure to go over those procedures of where to go if/when the normal path or exit is blocked.

~ Don't forget about student affirmations!! These are important! We all need a little "pick me up" now and then!

~ Starting on December 10th, we will start our Elk on the Shelf fun! For those new to campus and as a refresher to everyone's memory, here are the rules:

1. The Elk is hidden.

2. The person who finds the Elk takes a selfie and emails the staff.

3. The person receives a $10 gift card!

4. The person hides the elk again (at the end of the day) to be found the next day. Be creative and make it difficult!! Don't hide it in plain site!!

ONLY ONE WINNER PER DAY!! Please don't hide until the end of the day in order to prevent multiple findings in one day!!

~Dr. Chadwell had to cancel his campus visit this week. He had to reschedule for January 8th at 8:30. Please feel free to wear jeans/warm clothes on Tuesday!

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Elk of the Month Criteria

We are combining Great Expectations character traits as well as areas discussed in Positive Action to guide our Elk of the Month selections. These areas are also the areas that Tammie will be discussing in guidance lessons. They're pretty general, but we think that's what makes you all have some freedom and creativity when selecting the students.

Here is this month's focus:




problem solving









Thursday, November 15th

  • Kori off campus at meeting

November 19th-23rd:

  • Thanksgiving Holidays

November 28th:

  • CLC Social Studies-4th (AM)
  • CLC Social Studies- 5h (PM)

Friday, November 30th:

  • Clubs Today (follow clubs schedule)

December 3rd-7th:

Scholastic Book Fair

Tuesday, December 4th:

Literacy Night:

5:30 pm - 2nd grade program

6:00- Activities begin

Friday, December 7th:

Holiday Feast (during lunch times)

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