Digital Footprint

By: Rodrigo Caldera

What is Digital Footprint?

A Digital Footprint is tracks or marks that you leave online. You can have a good or bad digital footprint depending on what you post, share, or like on the internet/social media. Anyone can see your Digital Footprint, and also see what you posted, liked, shared, and judge you by your actions.

My Digital Footprint

My Digital Footprint is both negative and positive because I shared things that can be negative and positive towards others. Snap-chat, Facebook, and Twitter are the most social media tools I use daily. Snap-chat, Facebook, and Twitter are all used for entertainment, connecting with family and friends, and for fun to follow celebrities/athletes.

Impacts of a Digital Footprint

Some impacts that my Digital Footprint has on my future are both positive and negative effects, but mostly positive effects.

  • My Digital Footprint is helpful because I have a professional Twitter/LinkedIn account that may help me in the future to apply and get a job, or career.
  • My Digital Footprint is also harmful because I have shared post on social media that are funny that my show my personality to others, or may also offend others in a certain way.
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How To Improve Your Digital Footprint Better!

Here are some tips on how to improve your Digital Footprint-

  • Have positive information about yourself in your social media accounts
  • Show your personality online that you feel comfortable sharing
  • Share, like, and post positively so everyone can see what your interested in
  • Connect with business and share your talents and skills, so people can see what you are capable of doing

Maintaining a Positive Digital Footprint

This semester I learned that you should always be careful what you do online. Every website or social media you ever visited may have already impacted your life in a way. The most important things to do to keep a positive Digital Footprint is to always be cautious what you share, like, post, and comment on. This is important because anyone can see your Digital Footprint at any time, or any moment throughout the day. Always think before you do anything online.
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