BY: Jessica Gryczko

Gibbons V. Ogden (1824)

In this case where Gibbons and Ogden received their license to use their steamboats. But the issue is Ogden and Gibbons were given two different places to use their steamboats. So Ogden sued Gibbons for not liking the fact of where both can use their steamboats. While they were at Supreme Court Gibbons won and Ogden lost. Congress even took side with Gibbons so that how he won.

The Location

This is showing how Gibbons get to use his steamboats in two locations while Ogden only get to use his steamboat in one location. Also the locations is what started the problem of Court getting involved.

U.S V. Lopez (1995)

This case shows Alfonso Lopez Jr. who was a high school senior was pleased guilty at Federal Court for bringing a gun to school. While at Federal Court the people working at the Federal Court notice that the "Gun- Free School Zones Act" was not official until 1995. So since the "Gun- Free School Zones Act" was not in play the judges decided ended the convicting of Mr. Lopes Jr. So Alfonso Lopez Jr. won this case.

Federal Court

Here where the case was taken to handle things out. Lastly this where the people found out the Act of guns was not official yet.

Hammer V. Dagenhart (1918) editorial

I believe Roland Dagenhart did the right thing by suing the textile mill company. Honestly I'm glad this case was handled by the Supreme Court because it brought freedom for kids to work in company and textile mills. Beside if Roland didn't bring up that the Keating- Owen Act was unconstitutional then textile mill would have won. Also which side would have won if Supreme or Federal Court wasn't involved, probably the textile mill company because they would be able to do what they want all the time still. Another thing is a case like this is serious when it comes to discrimination or child labor against children who want to work in factories or company stores. Why cases like this are important because people can fight for the kids' freedom to do anything they want to do for a job. Also Dagenhart did a really brave thing by suing the textile mill company and point out an act that not important just so he kid can have freedom to work at a company. another thing is if anybody have a serious problem don't be afraid, be brave and stick up for what needs to change in the world. Another thing too is you can't always trust companies, people around you and sometimes friends. Lastly companies may just want better people than little kids working for them or companies just want to not have kids mess up any process of their duties. The end.

Here is Someone who was involved

This person was involved with the case by deciding who wins in this case. Also he was one of the four judges.