Mentor Monday

Week of December 8, 2014

Are we there yet?

I certainly hope that each of you had an excellent Thanksgiving break (since I missed last Monday) with loved ones - either friends or family, managed to stay in your PJs for at least some of the time, slept in at least once, and if you got out on Black Friday I hope you got everything you were looking for!!

If you read these things you know that my husband and I don't have kids but in the last few years our friends and family have provided us with quite a few kids for us to play with and send home. One of those kids, my nephew Jax, came to visit along with his mom and Knobby (my sister and mom) and sprinkled our house with laughter. Holy cow he's a tornado of energy, a bottomless pit and he loves his Lolo (my dog). I just wanted to share some of that laughter with you on this Monday.

Only 10 school days until Christmas break and just 2 more Fridays until Christmas :)

Mentor Discussion

Progress Reports are coming to town

Just a reminder that this week marks progress reports for the 3rd six weeks. As of this Friday we are at 15 weeks of school. You should have at least one major grade and a minimum of three minor grades. Remember, due to policy change that any grade in the grade book by this Friday, students have until Wednesday, December 17th to redo, retake, make-up, etc. Grades must be posted and finalized by 5pm on this day.

After School Intervention Success

A huge thank you to teachers who came down to check on the students they had assigned to ASI to ensure that they understood the directions of their work.

We've only had two nights of ASI, but the number of students continues to grow. Please keep in mind that one of our expectations is that our students give their best effort the first time - this means their work is turned in on-time and complete. If the work is late please assign an ASI. If the work is not complete, at teacher discretion, then assign an ASI. If you have questions, regarding assigning a student to ASI please feel free to contact me.

Some things to remember for ASI:

  • Give the student a choice between the next two ASI dates - while understanding that a student may need even a third choice because it's the only time that they can get a ride home
  • You must give the student 24 hours notice that they've been assigned to ASI - please make CLEAR the night that student has signed up to serve, it should never be a surprise to a student when they are picked up for ASI
  • Enter student/assignment information into the Google form by 7:00am (this deadline is subject to change) on the date of ASI to be served
  • Place student work in your teacher folder by 9:00am - please DO NOT ASSUME that students have the work to be done in ASI
  • If a student will require more than the resources listed (i.e. colored pencils, a book, etc.) you will need to provide this resource - either during work pick-up OR you must bring it to ASI at the conclusion of the school day

ASI is for the benefit of our students and we are working to serve them. To this end ASI is not optional, but you can provide alternatives prior to assigning ASI. For example , an assignment is due on Tuesday. Teacher collects all work, including incomplete work and share with the students that, "If your work was incomplete, you will be assigned to ASI on either Thursday or Monday. However, if you come to tutorials today after school or tomorrow before school to complete the work, I will not place you ASI." This is a great way to work with the students!!

Feel free to stop by and check out ASI we would love to have you visit.

Got a great lesson??

If you have a great lesson, let me know! Share it with Dr. Johnston and the APs. I love being in your classrooms, and especially to watch the lessons that you love!!!

Dress Code plug

Dress Code Sweeps will be happening during 1st and 3rd period and randomly throughout the day. Please ensure that your students are wearing dress code appropriate clothing. If not, take up the out of dress code items and place student's name on it (post-it, label, etc.) to be collected during the dress code sweep. If student is out of dress code and can't be fixed or need to shave the students will be escorted to ISS to be fixed or they will remain in ISS for the day.

As long as names are on the items, Ms. Jernigan will input them into the Google form.


NFHS Upcoming Events

Tuesday, December 9

SWIM vs. Grand Prairie/Lewisville

Thursday, December 11-13

Boys BASKETBALL (V/JV/9)-FISD Winter Classic

Friday, December 12

Girls BASKETBALL (V/JV) @ Sunnyvale

The Monday Funny

Another of the amazing kids in our lives. This is Tennyson, she'll be two in April and she seriously upset her sisters, Ensley (10) and Prescott (almost 4), when she got Atnas (their Elf on a Shelf) and ran away with him. If you didn't know (which I didn't until just recently) that if touched the Elf on the Shelf loses his/her magic. The video is of her sister Prescott upset about just that fact!!! However, for this family it resulted in a new EofS rule: Atnas does not lose magic if touched by those under 3 or those over 20 which seems to have pacified Prescott's hurt and upset
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