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Miles Elementary School April 2020

Q & A With Principal Perry

Parents you are invited to join Principal Perry every Tuesday@ 5:00 pm. via Google Meet for a weekly Q & A

Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +1 605-620-1392 and enter this PIN: 804 440

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Let's Talk About Distance Learning

Parents we would Love to hear from You! Please Share your thoughts here. Click Below!

APS Latest COVID-19 Information

APS Town Hall Meeting April 23, 2020

APS Distance Learning Parent Information

Distance Learning Rules and Norms

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Distance Learning Rules and Norms

Rules & Norms for Miles Virtual Learning

• All students say good morning and their name when entering the virtual sessions.

• Students will remain on mute until the teacher has instructed them to engage in the online academic discussions.

• Students can only use the chat/text feature to communicate with the teacher for questions, responses, or other instructions provided by the teacher.

• Students will not have discussions with students using the google classroom links, zoom or any other virtual learning app after sessions have ended. ***Students can not be in any live session without a Miles teacher present.***

• Students and Parents will make sure they are properly dressed and the background is appropriate before engaging in learning.

• Students will make sure they have all supplies when they are participating in the googles classrooms ( Paper, pencils, texts, notes, etc,)

• Students will sign into the google classrooms each day to complete assignments and participate during live lessons.

Parent's Ultimate Guide to Google Classroom

Lots of us are scrambling to get our students set up for remote learning. And for many, that means Google Classroom. This free-to-schools platform is super popular and highly rated. But if your kid needs to use it for school, it's a good idea to take a look at its features so you can help your students use it safely.

Distance Learning Resources for School Closure

Teachers will use many different platforms to continue learning for students. As always, you can use myBackpack at home with all of the apps it holds.

username: first initial + last name + last four digits of student number
password: lunch number
username: pbroad1234
password: 56789

*Please email your teacher if you need your child's lunch number.*

TUTOR ATL FREE For All APS Students - Click from myBackpack

Tutor ATL is a free on-demand tutoring service for all Atlanta Public School students. Please click Tutor ATL thumbnail from MyBackpack
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myON - eBooks For Everyone!

How can your students access myON?

  • Simply log into MyBackpack and select the myON thumbnail. Read eBooks and take Accelerated Reader quizzes. There are hundreds of books for students to choose on their reading level!

myON NEWS!! Short news articles your student will love!

Did you know myON News provides five articles each weekday, in both English and Spanish? Articles are written specifically for kids, cover a range of topics, and are reviewed by a child psychologist for appropriateness. Students can access these articles by clicking the “News” tab in myON.
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myON NEWS Features!

Features Include:

Click the ALL Articles thumbnail to scroll through hundreds of articles!

The articles can be read to a student in English or Spanish.

The article's Print size can be changed.

Each article has a MAP button to show where the article takes place.

Each article has a Video and Picture Slideshow!

At the end of the article, there are questions to check your student understanding.


Don't forget that thanks to a partnership with the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System, all Atlanta Public School students are patrons of the public library!

1. There is no card involved. Students use the APS username and password.

2. There are no late fees.

3. If a student loses a book, the fee is a writing assignment.

Class Pass allows the following checkouts:

Print checkouts:

50 books, 10 CDs, 5 DVDs

Digital checkouts:

Hoopla - 10 downloads per month

Overdrive - 10 items every 30 days

Axis 360 - 5 titles per month

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Yes! You can take an Accelerated Reader test at home!

The Accelerated Reader program is the computer-based program used by Atlanta Public Schools and Miles to measure a student's reading comprehension. Under normal circumstances, students are only able to take AR quizzes while they are on an Atlanta Public School campus. Because of the COVID-19 school closure, the restriction has been lifted and students are strongly encouraged to take AR quizzes at home.

Students are encouraged to read loads of books, take and pass AR quizzes with no less than 80% accuracy. Research tells us that when a reader passes an AR quiz with 80% or more accuracy, they really understood what they read. The program can be accessed by logging into mybackpack.apsk12.org. The student can log in using their network ID and their lunch number. Click on the Renaissance thumbnail. Let's Read and Take AR Quizzes!

Need to find out if a book is on AR?

1. Go to Renaissance Accelerated Reader Book Finder at this link: www.arbookfind.com

2. Once there, click on student, or parent
3. In "Quick Search," type the title of the book
4. If the book is indeed an AR title, information about the book will appear, if it is not an AR title, it will say, "No AR Quiz"