Discovering the Titanic

By: Bethany Tirhi

Underwater for more than a century. Full of rich history. Unbelievably fascinating. The Titanic. The Titanic has been discovered nearly 73 years after the crash. Questions continue to be answered as they dive deeper into the discovery of this great ship.


The Titanic has broken down into several small pieces over a span of miles apart.

Miraculously, it is found in an upright position, in nearly perfect shape. The bow and the hull of the ship were found intact.


There have been 5,500 artifacts found on or near the Titanic since its discovery. Some of the artifacts include clothing, jewelry, stairwells, chandeliers, furniture, lifeboats, and many more. This pocket watch belonged to a third class passenger named William Henry Allen.
Below, is the pocket watch of William Henry Allen.
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Discovering the Titanic: Who, When and Where

September 2, 1985. The R.M.S. Titanic is found 370 miles off the coast of Newfoundland. The ship was uncovered by Robert Ballard. ''We went smack dab over a gorgeous boiler,'' Dr. Ballard said.
The Titanic after its discovery
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Why does the Titanic still fascinate us today?

The Titanic has been intriguing people everywhere for more than a century. Maybe because of its size, maybe because the unthinkable happened. Nobody would have ever thought that the "unsinkable" ship would actually sink.

The Titanic Underwater

The Titanic has remained in one spot since the crash. It has sunk 60 feet into the ocean floor. It is thought that it will completely collapse to the floor in the next 50 years due to tourist damage.


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