Newsletter 27th September 2021

Holy Cross Catholic School Papatoetoe

Our Vision: Learning and Growing in Christ

Dear Parents/Caregivers

It is fast approaching the end of Term 3 and what an extraordinary term that it has been, especially with Alert Level 4 happening half way through the term. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate and thank the parent community of Holy Cross for the fantastic job they have done in supporting your children’s learning over the last six weeks. Your support and encouragement to your children has made it a far easier job to connect with tamariki and whānau during this time. I would like to acknowledge our children for all the hard work they have put into trying to keep up with their school work and completing the tasks that the teachers have set for them. I would also like to acknowledge the teachers for the effort they have put into connecting with the children ensuring that they have devices or hard copies to work from. I would also like to thank them for the work they have done with parents to ensure that the children receive the best possible education during this time.

As we head into the holiday break we hope that Auckland will be able to move into Alert Level 2 and all children will be able to return to school at the beginning of Term 4. Once we find out on Tuesday 4th October what level Auckland will be at, we will be able to inform you more clearly of what will be required of families and children if we are at Alert Level 2 at the start of Term 4.

Once again, I would like to thank you for the wonderful effort by our students, parents and teachers during this very difficult time.

We wish you a safe and happy school holidays!!

The Commandment of Love

I would like to make an observation about the Commandment of Love in the Gospels. Firstly, perhaps we should substitute another word for love. It has taken on so many meanings that it often has little value. We think of love as a feeling towards other people but we cannot always control our feelings. Sometimes, we have a natural dislike towards people and feel unable to keep the Commandment of Love.

Perhaps we should substitute the word ‘Value’ for the word ‘Love.’ “God so valued the world that he sent his only Son.” The basic meaning of the word love (as evolved from the Latin Word Caritas) is to value something. We can control the value we place on people and things. The Commandment of Love is to value every single person.

It is not an easy task but that is what we are called to do. We are called to value each person just as a parent values their child. It has nothing to do with feelings but everything to do with behaviour. If we truly value someone we will be honest and try to help them. When we value someone we will have time and patience for them.

As we prepare to celebrate Catholic Schools’ Day this week let’s endeavour to make Family Prayer a Priority.

Here are five simple and practical suggestions to encourage family to pray more:

1. When you rise from bed, get down on your knees
Try this method for morning prayer: Put your bedroom slippers or shoes under your bed at the end of the day. Each morning, while on your knees retrieving your footwear, say a quick prayer offering the whole day to God.

2. Communicate with God whenever you climb into the car
Many families spend a whole lot of their time in the family vehicle. As you buckle up, say a quick prayer that you will be aware of God’s presence wherever you are going and whatever you are doing.

3. Place a prayer jar in the kitchen
Keep a jar in the kitchen in which each family member, each day, places a note listing a “special intention” that others in the family can pray for. Before each family member goes to bed, he or she pulls a note from the jar and prays for that need.

4. Say Thank You before you eat (GRACE)
Before each meal, take a few moments to thank God who provides all that you need and blesses you with the lives of those around the table. Try mixing up 'set' prayers with spontaneous prayers, silent prayers and sung prayers.

5. Pray when people or events upset you (PRAYERS)
If you want a reliable way to pray more each day, make a habit of saying a short prayer whenever someone irritates you. A quick “Help me, God” is sufficient. You’ll never run out of opportunities!

Prayers and Condolences for the Kepu Family

Our prayers and condolences go out to the Kepu family after the passing of Mrs Kepu’s father. Please keep them in your prayers.

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Financial Assistance

help. Check what you might get ( Please note that there will be a few questions to be answered and it will take about 5 minutes to complete. This is a guide only. If you wish to apply please contact MSD on: or phone 0800 559 009 to talk about exactly what you qualify for and what you need to do.


If you are in need, below is a list of contacts for you:

  • Affirming Works Otahuhu - Food Parcels, allocated times for pick-up only. Ring to do a quick assessments Call 0800 023 3476, Monday – Saturday, 10.00am – 3.00pm Address: 9 Moa Street, Otahuhu
  • Otara Kai Village - Food packages and face masks for people living in Otara and Papatoetoe regions. No registration needed, pick up from 120 East Tamaki Road, Otara, or delivery (pending needs). See Facebook for updates. Lcoated 120 East Tamaki Road, Ōtara, AUCKLAND Ōtara Town Centre (in front of Jetts Gym)
  • Find a Food Bank

Answers to Maths Challenge from Newsletter 20 September 2021

Question 1 - 15

Question 2 - 60

Question 3 - 29

Question 4 - 36

Question 5 - 40 k/hr

Year 7 and Year 8 Students Showcase their Work Using the Software PowToon and Prezi

Recently our students in Years 7 & 8 have been exploring creative ways to showcase their work by using different software. Anita Mulipola from Year 8 and Venessa Georges from Year 7 have chosen to use two different software programmes for their work in Religious Education. Click on the links below.

Anita Mulipola from Year 8 has used the software PowToon to produce the following piece of work : PowToon

Venessa Georges from Year 7 chose the software Prezi to showcase her work: Prezi

sKids Holiday Programme

We will hold a Holiday Programme providing the Alert Levels allow.

Please download our flyer regarding our proposed Holiday Programme from this link here: Click Here

sKids Holiday Programe bookings for the October school holidays is open. To book, please visit

Thank you very much and from our team at sKids Holy Cross Papatoetoe we want to thank you for your on-going support.