Dutch by Teri Woods

Book Reveiw by Kevin Nguyen

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Lead Characters

Dutch a.k.a. James Bernard
Feared by all, Dutch has became the most dangerous criminal in New Jersey.

District Attorney Anthony Jacobs
A district attorney determine to take Dutch and his crew down.

Nina was a girl who ignored Dutch's fame a street creed.


James Bernard Jr., a.k.a. Dutch, has become the most dangerous criminal in New Jersey. From his early skill as a car thief, Dutch recognized the opportunity to rule the streets and he seized it. Feared by all, and completely fearless, Dutch and his dangerous clique take over the lucrative heroin business of a local African drug lord. With both the protection and respect of the Mafia, Dutch becomes the most terrifying force on the streets. District Attorney Anthony Jacobs is determined to take down Dutch and his crew, and he's confident that his witnesses will testify against them. But a sudden turn of events will soon make the DA's job harder than he imagined.

Why I like this novel

In my opinion I do like this book. A reason for this is that when I read the book it quickly grasped my attention.

My favorite part of the book is when the whole Nina and Dutch coming of age Chapter. Where Dutch and Nina try to get at each other.

Something that I would change is how unrealistic some of the scenes and the character's action were.

I do like the characters in this book, they have good characteristics to them.

I would recommend this book to people who like criminal/mafia stories.

5 Adjectives that describe the text

The 5 adjectives are very intensive, vivid, violent, inappropriate, and fast pace .


This book has a lot of imagery in it.

This book does use colloquial language.

Two examples of figurative language are
1. "Then she picked up a Snickers bar and bit into it, giggling like a lunatic."
2."Sirens wailed, gunshots rang, and people could be heard shouting and cursing as they looted the streets."

The level of the language was easy and not too hard to follow.