Discussions about learning in the cloud

What are eConversations?

Many times, the classroom dynamics and interactions that take place in online courses are different than those of a face-to-face teaching experience--sometimes they can take on a life of their own! eConversations grew out of a faculty development initiative within the Eberly College of Science to help faculty and instructors face these challenges.

Our vision is that a few times during the semester, online learning groups from across the university will host a topic of interest to faculty and instructors involved in teaching online. Our goal is to provide opportunities for participants to:

  • Better understand the activity of teaching and learning online;
  • Broaden and strengthen networks by expanding conversation across disciplines and campuses;
  • Identify and confirm successful online strategies; and
  • Discover and implement new ideas for online education!

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Online Cheating

Thursday, Nov. 14th 2013 at 1-2pm

This is an online event.

Hosted by the Dutton e-Education Institue, College of Earth and Mineral Sciences

Please invite all interested faculty and instructors to join in on the conversation!


  • Introductions
  • Overview of Topic
  • Survey of research
  • Available resources
  • Experts, experiences, anecdotes, etc.
  • Group discussion

How it Works/How to Participate

Units who volunteer to present a topic will be the "main" host for the event and will set up and moderate an Adobe Connect room for other units and individuals to participate. Units are encouraged to set up a meeting at their own location so that they can participate as a group and potentially continue the dialogue as it relates to their unit after the initial conversation. Individuals at a distance are encouraged to participate as well.

Can't participate? Meetings will be recorded and shared!

What You Need

A phone and a browser for an Adobe Connect meeting room. Enthusiasm and a willing spirit.

We will post the link to the Adobe Connect room and instructions to the Web Learning site when it becomes available.

Learn More

We will be establishing a presence on the Penn State Web Learning site to inform others of who we are, upcoming meeting dates and locations, and to collect ideas about future conversations for the community.

Currently, if you need more information, please contact Melissa Hicks, Instructional Designer, Eberly College of Science.