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FIRST EDITION-October 28, 2016

Robotics Tiger Focus

Mikel Bower

Hello, my name is Mikel Bower and I am the in robotics. In robotics, I am like the Vice President of my group.I am in the background and help control them. My friend, Brody helps build the robots and builds the weapons for them.I like my robotics because it has robots and I like robots.

Michael Keller

Hello, My name is Michael Keller and I am in Mrs.Monsanto’s robotics class. My job in robotics is to help build the robot so that the programmers can work on it. In my group the programmers are Jason Burge and Koble Schiffner. I am glad that I got to be in this robotics class.

Brock Dodd

Hello, my name is Brock Dodd and I am in robotics. In robotics I am in a group with Logan Capps and Parker Hider. Logan is usually our driver and when we enter battles, we win most of the battles that we participate in. Our robot has an extension to make it flip and other peoples our cool but ours is cooler.

Cami Cazier

My name is Sarah(Cami) Cazier and I am the skit maker for my robotics group the second year in the row. I am also the vice president, I get to make very Important decisions. This year the skits are all animal based. The people in my group that help me are; Nathaniel Bottrell, Kaden Parsley, Michael Keller, Kobel Schiffner

Survey: Favorite Sports

Football won with 21.5% of the vote. Basketball came next with 16.7% of the votes and next was Soccer with 12.7% of the votes. All the other options had less votes.

There were 137 7th graders, 96 6th graders, and 18 staff members who participated.

Joke Break!

Q: What is a bird's favorite Subject?

A: Owlgebra. (algebra)

Q: What do birds say on Halloween?

A: Trick or Tweet.

Q: Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road.

A: He didn't have the Guts.

Riddle Me This

Riddle #1: There was a blue house, a red house, a yellow house , and a green house.

The blue house was blue,

The red house was red,

The yellow house was yellow,

What color was the green house?

Answers are at the end of the newspaper.

Survey Results: Voting for President of the United States

Today in our survey Voting for President of the United States I saw that Trump won a landslide victory with 60.3% of the votes while no other candidate got 20%. Hillary Clinton received 17.3% of the votes. 10.7% went to Gary Johnson. 6.8% to Jill Stein and 4.9% to Darrell Castle . 50.5% of the voters were 7th graders, 43.6% were 6th graders, and 5.9% staff. Thank you for voting! Acording to http://elections.huffingtonpost.com/pollster/2016-general-election-trump-vs-clinton natinaloy Clinton is leading Trump 48.7% to 41.1%.


If you want to see what the art students are doing, and you don’t have it this semester, just look at these pictures.

Another Riddle!

Riddle #2: There was a cowboy. He went into town on Friday.

Stayed Three days, and left on Friday

How is this possible?

Answer at the end of the paper!

Pictures from around the school.

Joke Break! By Caesar Lopez

Q:Why can't you play hide-and-seek with Mountains?

A:Because there always peeking.

Q:Why did the Queen go to the Dentist?

A:To get Crowns.

Q:What did the Triangle say to the Circle?

A:“Your pointless”

Q:Why did the man put his money in the freezer?

A:He wanted some Cold Hard Cash.

Q:What do sea monsters eat?

A:Fish and Ships.

Q:What did the wolf say when he hurt himself?


Q:What do you call a dog wearing a tie?

A:A tiger (tie grr)

Q:What is a photographer’s favorite snack?

A:Cheese its.

Q:Why didn't the monster eat the clown?

A:He tasted funny.

Q:Whats a basketball players favourite board game

A:Shoots and Ladders

Q:How did the skeleton know it was going to rain

A:He felt it in his bones.

Q:Who was the greatest skeleton Detective

A:Sherlock Bones

Q:What did the mother mummy say to the little mummy when he got in trouble

A:Go to your tomb!

School Spirit!

Q:Do you like school spirit?

A: yes

Q:Do you ever participate?


Q:Do you think there should be more school spirit days?


Q:How often do you want school spirit?

A: Every month or something

Person interviewed- Karissa Roberts

Q:Do you like school spirit?


Q:Do you ever participate?

A:Yes I have

Q:How often do you want school spirit days?

A:Once a week

Q:Do you think there should be more school spirit days?

A:Sure ya

Person interviewed-Nicole Simmons

Q:Do you like school spirit days

A:Yes I do

Q:Do you ever participate

A:I do when I have the right things to

Q:Do you want more school spirit days

A: Yes maybe once a month

Q:What's your favorite school spirit days

A:Pajama day because you can get out of bed and stay in those clothes.

Person interviewed- Landon

Q:Do you like school spirit?

A: Yeah it’s pretty good.

Q: Do you ever participate?

A: I would and I will try this year.

Q: Do you think there should be more spirit days?

A: I think we are good with the amount we have.

Q: What is your favorite school spirit day?

A: Crazy hair day, neon day, or twin day

Q:Do you like school spirit?

A: Yes

Q:Do you ever participate?

A: Yes

Q: Do you think we should have more school spirit days?

A: What we have now is good

Q:What’s your favorite school spirit day?

A:Star Wars day

Q:How often do you want school spirit days?

A:Once a month

Person Invited-Andrea Shuford

Q:Do you like school spirit?

A: Yes

Q: Do you think there should be more school spirit days?

A: Yes, of course.

Q: Do you participate?

A: Yes always.

Q: What is your favorite school spirit day?

A: Pajama day

Q: How often do you want school spirit days?

A: At least 2 or 3 times a week.

Q: Do you like school spirit days?

A: Of course I do.

Q: Do you ever participate?

A: I always participate.

Q: Do you think there should be more school spirit days?

A: Yes, because we need more school spirit days and sometimes days can get you down but school spirit days can always keep you up.

Q: What is your favorite school spirit day.

A: I would have to say mix match sock day.

Q: How often do you want school spirit days?

A: We need 4 time a month.

Q: Do you like school spirit?

A: Yes I love school spirit days.

Q: Do you ever participate?

A: I always participate.

The Last Joke Break

Q:Why do basketball players need bibs

A:Because they dribble

Q:Why did the robber wash his clothes before he ran away with the loot?

A:He wanted to make a clean getaway

Q:What is the richest kind of air?

A:A millionAIR

Q:Who keeps the ocean clean?

A:A mermaid

Q:Why did the credit card go to jail?

A:It was guilty as charged

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Q: What's this tiger focus about?

A:This is the G3 Tiger focus, where we recycle and do outdoor stuff.

A:It's about keeping everything green, growing plants and helping recycle!

A: It's a growing green Tiger Focus so your doing a lot of things outside, with pulling weeds and helping the environment.

A: It’s about plants and learning how to grow plants.

A: Being green, living green, acting green with our environment.

Q: What is your favorite part of this Tiger Focus?

A: That we get to be outside a lot and get included with projects.

A:Getting to help a lot with the garden.

A: I like that we can go outside a lot, because you don’t get to go outside everyday. So it’s nice to go and help the greenhouse and grow plants.

A: What I like to do is when we drop off our plants I like to dig in it, because of how it feels.

Q:What do you think could be improved?

A: Not really, I think it’s good how it is.

A:There are a lot, but one is the materials we use in the greenhouse.

A: We could improve the greenhouse and have some new glass put in.

A: The greenhouse, the structure of it.

A: I think we can improve participating more as a group.

Q: What do you teach the students?

A: Being green, I like them to participate, and we do a lot of things like pulling weeds, harvesting plants, taking care of the grass and compost.

Q:What types of things do you do?

A: We pull weeds, we empty out recycling once a week and we’ll do some other projects.

Mrs. Maerke's Tiger Focus

Answer by Emma Dodge

Q: What do you do in this tiger focus?

A: We play games and act out skits.

Q: Do you like this Tiger Focus and if so why?

A: Yes, because I have friends in this Tiger Focus.

Mrs. Maerke Tiger Focus-Two Headed Monster

In this Tiger Focus we played a game called the two headed monster and it’s where you look the person and one person will ask a question and they have to answer it and they have to try to read each other's lips.

Q: What is your favorite food?

A: Our favorite food is chicken.

Q: How old are you?

A: We are 45.

Q: What school did you go to before this?

A: We went to West Elementary.

Q: What are you scared of the most?

A: We are scared of small children.

Q: What is your favorite brand?

A: Are favorite brand is Adidas.

Q: What do you want to be when you grow up?

A: We want to be a dentist.

Q: How many friends do you have?

A: We have 21 friends.

Q: What is your favorite word?

A: Our favorite word is chicken.

Click on the link below to watch the video!

Mrs. Maerke's Tiger Focus- I’ve fallen and I Can’t Get Up!

Introduction: In this video a girl named Maddie Horman in her acting class is in a acting class with Mrs. Mearke and she has fallen and she can’t get up.

Q: What would you act like if you are elderly?

A: So, Maddie falls and she says she's fallen and she can’t get up

Click on the link below to watch the video!

Mrs. Monsanto's Tiger Focus

The YOU you never knew” – In this Tiger Focus, we focus on learning more about ourselves through various personality activities.

Mrs. Dodd's Tiger Focus

TECH IT UP A NOTCH:Say goodbye to boring presentations, learn how to impress your teachers, classmates with cool, new, computer based presentations. In this class you will explore various types of computer programs and apps that will help you create fun and interesting presentations that you can use with any classroom project. Sites to be Explored: Prezi-Get to Know Activity, PowToon-Create animated videos, Voki-Create speaking avatars, Canva-Simple way to create new, beautiful presentations, Storyboard That-Used to help stories come to life.

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Mrs. Young's Tiger Focus

Going back to Prehistoric times visiting Megalodon, Titanaboa, and dinosaurs. Students make an ancient monster book, fossils, and more.

Riddle Answers!

Riddle #1: Clear

Riddle #2: The horses name is Friday

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