welcome to india

Blane patterson

geography of india

the mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world you can climb this awesomeness mountain at India but remember you will need acquirement to survive like breathing stuff and it will be the adventure of a lifetime you could see the whole world when you got up to this beauty mountain .

unique animals

we have many different animals in the united states but have you ever wonder abut any new animals that has occur well in India they have a really ugly fish called a blob fish this is a unique fish only found in India and a Bengal tiger is one of the largest tigers in the world you can also find it in India

things to do in India

you can go check out the beautiful beaches in Indian the clear blue water while you swim and go kayaking theirs many other things to do to like go bike riding through the high mountain roads and go hiking thru the awesome green hills and forest its like an adventure over there with many things to see and do.

India today

some times in indie you get to ride a elephant to travel or you can go the regular way and drive a motorcycle.in india they do not eat meat cause they believe that it hurts animals and they eat a lot of vegetables and grains.and they also start school when there 6 and end school when there 14 and they also do math science reading and way more. they have kind of the same life style we have.