Tech. Rules 4 Parents

Here are Ten Rules for safe tech use for parents

1. Don't text/call and drive

A lot of injury's and deaths occur when a person texts/calls well driving. If adults can buy an alternative like a bluetooth device the road can be a safer place.

2. Don't engage in illegal activity.

Some parents love to watch movies but they don't want to spend money for them. So they download it of the internet. In some cases this is illegal and can also get your computer to be hacked by hidden bugs and spywares.

6. Don't drink and use your cell.

When drunk yo can often not think so save your phone things like text and calling for later.

7. Make good choices

Use the internet for good not evil. We are gifted with the internet so use it for good.

8. Help people on the internet.

look into the internet and help people who are making bad choices.

(Ex. blogs)

9.Use resources on the internet to say safe.

Look up sites that can help you be better digital natives.( link below).

10. Stay protected

filter and download material to guide you and keep you safe.
Internet Safety for Parents - San Diego County Sheriff's Department