Pollution, pollution

and more pollution.

Oil Pollution

Oil is definitely considered one of the biggest pollution-creators. It's spilled all over the place -- down the drain, into the ocean, up in smoke, routine maintenance and through big, often accidental, spills. When it goes down the drain, nearly 365 million gallons of oil goes straight to the ocean and another 37 gallons is because of oil spills. Big oil spills are not the biggest source of ocean oil pollution, but they can be extremely tragic because of where they are spilled. Oil causes great damage to areas than most people think, such as coral reefs and mangroves because are incredibly sensitive to oil than sandy beaches. When animals are exposed to oil, it doesn't cause immediate harm, but it is a long-term process because fish than dwell at the bottom are capable of having liver diseases and it can stunt their growth.

Slogan: Don't dump your lotion into the ocean!


The best and easiest solution to prevent gallons upon gallons upon gallons of oil pollution from invading the ocean would be if people more wary of what they tossed down the drain, or the sewer or any direct link to the ocean because people just toss things without really thinking of how it will affect the ocean or the environment around them. Another solution to prevent spills would definitely be to wad up mushrooms and hair and throw it into the ocean because it would soak the oil up, or to use bacteria to eat the oil up. There is already bacteria living in the ocean that eats up all the oil, but it a very gradual rate, so they would use sulfate to increase the population of the bacteria to get rid of the oil five times faster.