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Inventions of the 1920s -- By: Kiana Vazquetelles

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Ads for inventions of the 20s!

Check out some of these cool inventions created in the 20s!

The 1920s were considered one of the most optimistic periods in American history. Many new things were invented including entertainment and other helpful items. Soldiers returning from WWI were looking forward to a new life back at home. To help soldiers get back into their home life, new technology was developed to make everyday things easier and more exciting! Here are 7 ads for interesting inventions I thought you might find essential in your household!

Band Aid

The Band Aid was invented by Earle Dickson and originated as a piece of tape with gauze in the middle. The Band Aid keeps small injuries from becoming worse and could be a big help in your home!

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Hair dryer

Tired of having to dry your hair with a vacuum? The hair dryer is much easier to handle and It dries your wet hair in minutes! The hair dryer is a very effective tool.

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Are you sick of waiting so long on your food to be ready? Your waiting time can vanish in seconds! Get your orders faster and more efficiently when stopping by a drive-through today.

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While technically being invented in the 15th century, sunglasses weren’t exactly sunglasses yet. Sunglasses were reinvented by Sam Foster and became a rage in 1929.
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How did these inventions impact the American people?

These inventions made life easier for the American people in all aspects of their lives. Other life improving inventions included radio/TV transmission, traffic lights, the bulldozer, an audiometer, cotton swabs, moviola, power steering, an electric razor, and penicillin. Other inventions were for leisure and for fashion. Some "for fun" and fashion inventions included sunglasses (as I mentioned above), the bow tie, bubble gum, the jukebox, the tilt-a-whirl, the convertible, and a lie detector.