How to make your utility room green

by: Nicole Chavez

making your utility room green:

 Theres all types of different ways you can make your utility rooms green. For example instead of using your central heating in your home you could use a fireplace or a plug in heater. The use of fans instead of central air conditioning is also much more green. To make your garage more green you could use a garage door made from recycled items rather than one made from new materials. These examples all will make your utility rooms much more green And eco friendly!

The Garage:

Theres lots of possible ways to make your garage more green. one of them being to buy an insulated garage door instead of a normal one.  By doing this it will keep your garage and rooms warmer in the winter and it will improve the energry efficiency of your home.


Another way to make your heating more green and eco friendly is to monitor your thermostat and turn it down when youre not home or dont need it. You can also cover all the drafts where cold air enters to keep it warmer. These helpful tips will save energy and money!

Air Conditioning:

Air conditioners use more energy than most of the appliances in your home. To be more green you could skip rooms that dont need to be cool. for example if a room is not being used it shouldnt have to be cooled. This will save lots of energy and help the enviorment in many ways.