Futures W.A.G (Week at a Glance)


Your Students' Window of Receptivity is OPEN!

There are 4-5 times a year when our students' minds are receptive to your input. This week is one of those windows.

I highly recommend:

  • Reset your behavioral expectations
  • Practice the routines that were not as strong as you would like

Set a goal of : Economy of Voice

What is that? There seems to be a limit to the number of words you can say in a minute, an hour, a day, even a year before students just don't hear you.

Remember the adult voice on the Peanuts cartoon? When you go over that magic number of words , your students hear that voice. Endless lecturing on the future, the importance of this and that...sounds like wawwaa wa waaa waa !

Here's an example of Economy of Language:

"Scholars, in all kinds of jobs we need to know algebra. Everyone from a scientist to a chef has to use the kind of thinking we use in algebra. So let's get started. We are going to get smarter. Algebra is a great challenge."

Here's a NON example:

"Scholars, you think you can smart by looking out the window? Back in the day, when I was a young man the nuns used to hit my knuckles when I did that. How will you get into college if you do not know X + 10= 20 so X= 10?

If you are not going to put in the effort you won't be ready for middle school. This is part of responsibility. Hey shh, I am talking right now. So what was I saying, oh yeah, you need algebra. You need it a lot. Even athletes need to know math. Yes they do. You think professional athletes can succeed without math? No way. We are so behind in math right now,. You guys gotta put in the effort. Can anyone tell me why we need to know math?"

(play sound of crickets)

Here's some ways to do monitor your economy of language: keep track of how long your mini lessons are. Write more on the board, use body language more, have other students tell the class what your directions are. Give more power to your students to run the mundane day to day tasks such as passing, reading directions aloud, etc.

A real eye opener is to keep track of the time your students are engaged without your voice guiding them (in partners, centers, or independently working) If you are working more than them, they are not getting smarter!

Do you know someone who has struggled with this? I do , its me. I had a huge problem on the intercom last year rambling etc. This year, I made a template on my door. It is helping me to keep my messages clear.

Speaking of being receptive. Here is the new procedure for hierarchy and grades 3-5 pick up at lunch and fitness:

Warning 1= verbal

2= time out in class three- five min.

3= time out in class or partner room ten minutes and do reflective piece of writing

***Highly recommended at this point is a restorative (brief) one-to-one*****

4=lunch detention and parent contact

5= office referral . Either send with student or just send referral.

Grades K-2 lunch recess/Fitness pick up: stays the same

Grades 3-5 lunch recess & fitness pickup:

Coaches will do cool down at end of activity wherever it works. Teacher will retrieve students from that location.

IMPORTANT: Be on time or we will clash with CUES

Deliverables, Shout-outs and More

A Definition: The "Futures Way" :

The "Futures Way" is to do whatever it takes to build up our students and their families for academic and social success.

Shout Outs!!!

Thank you to our assembly committee for the great assembly 2 weeks ago.

Reflection on what went well last week (school-wide)

Thank you for tightening up the bathroom visits, it made a huge difference.


Implementing behavior plans. If you have a student with serious behavioral issues and they have an IEP, they may have to have a behavior plan. Please see Kimberly Lum if you are not sure. It is very hard for me to justify a suspension if the plan is not in place. Please check on that,

Deliverable(s) for the week

1) THIS FRIDAY (option 2 is next Monday) Report Cards grades entry :

Option #1: Have all your grades entered by 4pm today (Friday ) and we will have the office print copies for your mailboxes on Monday.

Option #2 Use the weekend to finish (by 11pm Sunday) and we will have them in your box Tuesday morning.

NOTE: Absolute deadline for computer entry of report card grades is 12/10 at noon, then system closes

2) Tier 1 behavior checklist (Are my rules posted ?etc. ) will be given out at Wednesday pd and is due before you go home this Friday.

3) Classroom or Grade Team newsletter. Please email or place a copy in our new "Red Box" (thanks Leah for the idea)

4) PLC deliverables: see agenda from last week, Most teams either did not have PLC or were not able to complete.

PLC during Fitness

We have a progress monitoring PLC. Agenda ready now from last time.

Instructional Tips

Please see this great website OUSD had put together on balanced literacy :


Behavioral Tips

Economy of Language. Enough said.

Wednesday PD:

Bring math assessments to score.

Meetings and Events

futuresinoakland@gmail.com calendar

The Week's Events:

Monday, December 1, 2014

  • Revised hierarchy and grades 3-5 lunch recess / Fitness pickup go into effect (see reflection)
  • start setting up parent conferences for next week

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

  • Meet Mr. Purcell in Garden (Student of the Week)
  • Principal's school calendar and newsletter goes home today.
  • start setting up conferences for next week

PLC grades K-1 is same agenda from last week (in drive)

*3:15 in Portable C: PBIS team

Wednesday December 3, 2014

Evodia and Ida: today is emergency radio testing

Ms. Duncan at MLK public library in morning

  • Today is minimum day
  • start setting up parent conferences for next week
  • Farmers Market: Your class can visit
  • 2:00 Wednesday PD. Bring your math assessments to score.

Thursday, December4, 2014

Rachel in Charge: Brian with principals

*start setting up parent conferences for next week

*10:00 AM COST meeting in 214

PLC grades 2-3 is same agenda from last week (in drive)

Friday, December 5, 2014


Parent Cafe today

PLC grades 4-5 s same agenda from last week (in drive)

*start setting up parent conferences for next week

*Tier 1 classroom behavior check list due before you go home (this was given out at Wednesday PD) to the red box. (The red box is our place to place things that are due!)


12/6/14 Student Council School Grounds Clean up 10:0 AM-12:00 PM . School open 9-1:00.