Operation Entebbe 27.3.16

Lior Cohen , Lior Shif and Eva zarubinsky ;7 grade

name of the rescue story + reasons of our choise

The story that we chose is : Operation Entebbe.

We chose this rescue story because , the hero Yonatan Netanyahu is Benjamin's Netanyaho brother and he is an Israeli. This rescue story is very famuse story in Israel.

short summery of the rescue story

the IDF planned a operation rescue accoding to intelligence data of the airport in Uganda and based on intlligence recevied from foreign hostges were freed.

security personnel sketch map was used to plan the rescue operation.Test team has produced an aerial photograph of the airport in Uganda and information about mark tracks was vital rescue plane crew .

Yoni Netanyahu was the commander of Sayeret Matkal. he was in Sinai during the action planning.Yoni Netanyahu joined the planning team and was put in charge Sayeret Matkal in the operation . During the raid on the plane back and injured his chest , and all attempts were unable to save him and he died before the plane returned to Israel with hostages

Identitly card of rescue story hero

name:Yonatan Netanyahu.

Date of birth: 13 Murch 1946.

Place of birth:New york , U.S.A.

Came to Israel : in 1948.

Date of death: 4 July 1976.

Place of death: Entebbe,uganda

His personal life.

He is Bibi's and Ido's Netanyahu brother.

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we learn from this project a lot of information about Operation Entebbe, and how to use the site smore.

it was fun and easy to do this project and to work together with a teamwork.

Sources of information

wikipedya- Hebrew and English.