Life In China

We Will Show You A Inside Look In To China! And Some Facts!


China Is A Fabulous Place...Is What Everyone THINKS .....It's Water Is 90% Polluted 70% or over of air there is polluted But china is not that bad it has 90% of cell phones are water proof! Their National sport is ping pong and they have dumplings and chess nuts their capital is beijing! They have the great wall of china! Their most common religion's are taoism,Buddhism And Protestantism.

Population and rare animals!

China's population is 1.3B and people are born every 5 seconds And Every 30 seconds a child is born with a body defect.China is a amazing place and some rare animals that live in china are river dolphin, snub nose monkey!

Fun Facts About China

100M People in china live on less than 1$ a day!.China uses 45B chopsticks a year! Reincarnation is forbidden in china without government permission. Facebook and twitter are blocked! The biggest mall in the world located in China is 99% empty.The worlds first paper money was made 1,400 years ago. Over 35M people live in caves!
So visit China they have their own disney land but that's not the point from what you heard it's horrible but some thing's are awesome!

This shows you the live population of china (it should show you the number of people in china and how many people die or are born)