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Spell Check - 4/17/13

So how many of you are looking for a Spell Check button?!? Yeah! I have been looking for a while now and spell checking my emails should NOT be this Difficult!

However, it appears that Spell Check feature within Outlook Exchange is only available on Internet Explorer for the moment. Figures Microsoft would do something like that. Does this mean I should run right out and download IE? Not necessarily. But those of you in the PC world that are currently running IE will have an easier time Spell Checking your messages for now.

I played with the Spelling Options on Multiple Browsers. Safari works the best as far as ease of use and seems to be the most comparable to spell check in CLC.

See the run down for Spell Check in different browsers below.


Go to your Firefox Menu and choose Preferences. Click Advanced. Click General. Then select Check my spelling as I type. You will only have to do this once on your computer.
Now when you are composing your email message, Firefox will automatically check your spelling as you are typing. If it finds a mistake, that mistake will be underlined in red. This should be similar to how you see spelling errors in Microsoft Word. To see a list of spelling suggestions right-click (control-click on a Mac) on the underlined word and you will see spelling options appear at the top of the menu. If you use a word frequently and you know it is spelled correctly you can also click Add to Dictionary.


Seems to be the Most Comparable to CLC

Go to the Edit Menu > Spelling and Grammar and make sure that Check Spelling While Typing is Checked off. If it is not, click it to select it. This will allow you to see spelling errors underlined while you type. You will only have to set this up once.
Here is where Safari differs. When you finished typing your email, go back to the Edit Menu > Spelling and Grammar and select Show Spelling and Grammar. This will launch a window with a Spelling and Grammar Tool that looks very similar to other standard spell check tools you may have seen. Make sure you also check off the box in the bottom right for Check Grammar. Correct your spelling using suggested spellings and close the window when you are finished. It may not give you a No More Spelling Errors notification like Word.

You can also use the right-click (control-click on a Mac) on any underlined word to get a list of spelling suggestions as well.

Google Chrome

Chrome is a little different as well. I love using Chrome myself, but for spell checking my emails through Outlook it is quite the pain. It is the most temperamental of the three browsers that are typically found on Macs.

But if you are using it, start by going to the Edit Menu > Spelling and Grammar and making sure that Check Spelling While Typing is checked.

Compose your message and when you are ready to check your words, again you can right-click (control-click on a Mac) the words underlined in red to see suggestions but also this gives you a Spelling and Grammar menu and then you can click Show Spelling and Grammar. This will launch the spelling and grammar tool. I could not find a way to check off Check Grammar so if someone knows, please email me. Check your spelling and then close the window when you are finished.

Internet Explorer

If you use Internet Explorer than you are best off by far and your emails should NEVER ever have misspellings. Check out this great site that explains how to enable spell check when you are using Internet Explorer with your Outlook Exchange.


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