Mrs. Holloway's Room 16 News

January 11-15

What we are learning this week:

100th day will be moved to Tuesday, January 19th.

Due to missing a day of school this week, we are moving our 100th day celebration to Tuesday the 19th. Please return all donations for our 100th day snack by this Friday, January 15th. Check the link below to see the sign-up sheet. Thank you for your donations!

Also, students should dress as if they are 100 years old on Tuesday, the 19th!

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Please click the link below to sign-up for a conference time. If one of these times does not work for you, please let me know. I'll accommodate you the best I can.

If you have looked at your child's recent reports and do not have any concerns, I understand if you do not wish to conference...please just send me a quick message to let me know. If I feel a meeting is necessary, I will let you know at that time.

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Spelling Skill - Word Families: -ink, -ank, -onk, and -unk

Spelling City Practice Links

First 15:



In reading, we are continuing a unit of study in nonfiction. We are focusing on weather and are practicing important nonfiction reading skills with a variety of texts on other topics as well. We will continue to emphasize how nonfiction readers "grow knowledge" and notice details as they study the text.

We will focus on the following this week:

  • Learning how to "talk the talk" - use the appropriate lingo
  • Expect and look out for keywords
  • Look for and use features to help
  • Use the WHOLE page to figure out what new keywords mean

Reading Homework Folder

Please continue to do the reading homework folder each night. Thank you for taking this time each night. It truly is invaluable. I am seeing wonderful growth in rate of speed and accuracy!

If your child has a passage with questions that require a written response using evidence from the text, please take a moment to see that they are using the text to find that evidence and are able to form a complete sentence restating the question. Also check for a capital and endmark - students often need frequent reminders of this each day. We need to make all of these important parts of a sentence a habit in all forms of writing students complete.


English Skill:

  • We are beginning to use and identify prefixes, suffixes, and root words

Writing Skill:

  • Students are planning writing pieces for the 100th day. They will write about what they would do, say, and wear if they were 100.


Topic 9: Subtracting Two-Digit Numbers
  • Lesson 5 - Two-Digit Subtraction
  • Lesson 6 - Subtracting on a Number Line

Math Facts

  • Keep practicing addition and subtraction math facts with flash cards or the following websites! (should work on computer and tablet) (requires flash - computer only)

Contact me anytime with questions, comments, or concerns.