Ladies First Half Marathon & 5K

Information for Volunteers

Water Stops: The major components of each water stop is food, water, cups, water cooler, and table.

  1. The table will set up with filled cups of water on one side and food on the other side. The water cups should be the first item the runners can grab. The Gu gels should be the second item after the water. Make sure there is enough filled cups of water.
  2. There will be coolers that will contain gator aid. They will need to be placed at an easy-to-reach area on the table.

Summary of Water Stop Locations

2.9 Mile Water Station (3 Volunteers)

* Halfway between Majors Road and Bethelview Road (On your county PDF of the Greenway it is at "0.6" right at the end of the concrete Greenway and where the wood boardwalk starts

6.6 Mile Water Station (2 Volunteers)

* As runners are coming back towards Hwy 9 (it will be right before the runners cross Hwy 9)

8.5/11.5Mile Water Station (4 Volunteers)

* Just past Union Hill Road (Right across from the 11.5 Mile Water Station)

Finish Line Volunteers


  1. This volunteer will give a medal to the runner after they go through the finish line. They will direct the runner to the photographer location for their picture.

Food Tent

  1. We will need several volunteers to help with the food and drinks.
  2. Left over supplies from the rest stops will be taken to the food tent.

Registration/Packet Pick up

Packet Pick up

  1. The packets will be in boxes labeled A/B, C/D (letters represent the beginning letter of the runners last name).
  2. One volunteer will select the packet and the other volunteer will collect registration receipt from the bag and keep it in a folder.
  3. Next, they will inform the runners about the location of the starting line (fire house).


Friday, June 12th, 4-7pm

4110 Carolene Way

Cumming, GA

We will set up at the track.

Contact: Craig Levan