Bernie Sanders

Angel Rivera

Bernie's Beleifs

Bernie sanders is more than just a politician he really cares for the people, some of the issues that Bernie and I see eye to eye with is the legalization of marijuana, he also feels that you shouldn't have rights for gay marriage that it should be allowed no matter what. Another issue that I have in common with Bernie would be the support of keeping immigrants in this country. I believe that everybody in the U.S is already here we might as well get them their citizenship.
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Issue #1

The First issue that I want to address is the legalization of Marijuana, Bernie has a very good point when he states "The time is long over due for us to remove the Federal prohibition on marijuana" ( Bernie says that marijuana should be aloud for medicinal purposes. He believes that marijuana is a problem that the world is never going to be avoided, there would always going be marijuana you might as well make it legal.

Issue #2

Bernie Sanders has been a supporter of gay marriage for a long time, he has advocated for the same sex marriage ever since Bernie was confronted with the issue during his time as a senator of Vermont. Bernie has been in a political world his entire life his parents were a huge impact in his life as you may already know.
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Issue #3

My third and final issue that I will touch base with today is going be the fight against immigrants, now I say that and I meant that in the best way possible I for one am a person that like the people in this country weather there a citizen or not. I believe that if you are in the U.S already that the government should allow you to stay and Bernie agrees with me.
Javier Palomarez Questions Senator Bernie Sanders on Immigration Reform

My Position

My vote this year will be for Bernie Sanders not because he is a great guy but because my views on what this country needs help in are the same as his thank you for your co-operation and have a nice day.