Act 2 summaries

From Romeo and Juliet

Act 2. Scene 1 [The hunt for Love]

The Capulet party ends and Romeo ditched his friends to go see Juliet. Mercutio and Benvolio try to find Romeo. Instead they make fun of him and his love-sickness for Rosaline. They then decide not follow him because they thinks he is getting with Rosaline and they go home. This scene shows just how much Shakespeare liked to use sexual innuendos.

Act 2. Scene 2 [Dangling love over a balcony]

After the party, Romeo goes too Juliet’s bedroom window and watches her from the bushes. While Romeo is in the bushes Juliet confesses her love to him thinking that he is not there. When Romeo reveals that he is really there they exchange their compliments and vows. Romeo compares Juliet to the sun and stars and Juliet tells him that if he is that much in love with her he should marry her. He agrees to marry her and tells her that he will send for his dearest Juliet in the morning.

Act 2. Scene 3 [The message of marriage]

Romeo goes to see Friar Lawrence to discuss his marriage with Juliet. Friar Lawrence warns Romeo that he needs to wait this out and really think about it because he was just “in love” with Rosaline. The Friar then proceeds to scold Romeo by telling him that there is no way he really can love Juliet because there were too many breaths sighed and too many tears that were shed. Romeo tells Friar Lawrence that he was told by him to bury his love for Rosaline. Friar Lawrence then agrees to have their secret wedding because he thinks it will not only bring the kids together but also the families. Still, he is worried that the love between Romeo and Juliet will be like a firework, looks good now but is quick to fizzle out.

Act 2. Scene 4 [Search for Romeo and wedding plans]

The scene opens with Benvolio and Mercutio looking for Romeo. They start to think that he went out with Rosaline late last night and begin to mock him and Tybalt for the fact of Lord Capulet sending a letter to Lord Montague wanting to fight. Romeo finally enters and Benvolio and Mercutio yell at him for ditching them at the party. Mercutio begins to tease him by saying that he was with Rosaline. Romeo goes along with it because he does not want his friends to know who he was really with. The nurse then enters and Mercutio and Benvolio begin to make fun of her by calling her fat and ugly. The nurse sends the boys away to talk to Romeo about the wedding. Romeo tells the nurse that Juliet must go to see Friar Lawrence and that at the church is where they will be married.

Act 2. Scene 5 [Nurse bears the message]

The scene opens with Juliet pacing back and forth, anxious for her nurses return. The nurse come in with Peter and Juliet begs her to give all the news. The nurse avoids the topic and doesn’t tell Juliet right away claiming that she is out of breath from running around and that her bones are old and her back and feet ache too much. Juliet finally demands to know and the nurse begins to sing his praise, and the quickly changes subject again. This game of cat and mouse finally ends with the nurse telling Juliet when too go too the church and what to tell her parents to be able to even go to the church. Juliet begins to prepare and leaves for the church at once.

Act 2. Scene 6 [Wedding bells]

Friar Lawrence and Romeo are in the church waiting for Juliet when Friar Lawrence prays to God that he hopes he won’t regret doing this. Romeo tells him that he won’t because no pain that he could ever feel would top the happiness he feels with Juliet, even death (FORESHADOWING) couldn't beat out their love. Juliet then enters and thanks Friar Lawrence for what he is doing for them and their love. Friar Lawrence then says that they will be married quickly and he shall not leave them alone until they are united in marriage.