Identity and Relationships

By Chelsey Thorne

Informed Conscience

Informed conscience is showing that you have an inner feeling acting as a guide to the rightness and wrongness of ones behaviour. This means that when in a relationship, you have to the have informed conscience to make sure your doing the right thing. This may be when someone is in a homosexual relationship, or just any relationship, it may be when your being involved in sexual intercourse. So, you have to know the risks involved and where its going to lead you.

Catholic Church teaching about sexual intimacy

The Catholic church teaches us that sexuality is a gift and that sexual intercourse is for married couples.

Sexual intimacy includes the physical, emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual aspects of the human person.

Sexual acts are to function both unitive and procreation and must respect the dignity of each person.

The reason why the Church teaches us this is because we are creating dignity and worthy that gives us rights, responsibilities and uniqueness; as well as every human act, whether that is sexual or not, should enhance and reflect the image, dignity and respect of individuals.

Catholic Church teachings on Contraceptives

The church believes that God has established an inseparable bond between the unitive and procreation aspects of marriage. When couples are married through the Catholic church, they must promise to give themselves to each other and have time for each other and this mutual self-giving includes the gift of fertility. This means that each sexual act in a marriage needs to be open to the possibility of conceiving a child. Artificial contraction is contraception is contrary to God's will for marriage because it separates the act of contraception from sexual union.

What is a healthy relationship and what makes a good relationship?

A healthy relationship is a happy friendship between two people. This could be romantic, best friends or just friends.

A healthy relationship involves trust, happiness, honesty and respect between each other. Also, to listen, respect and understand each others point of view, as well as enjoying and valuing time together.

You have a relationship with each person you know, that being family, friends, your boss, your classmates, teachers, workmates, friends parents, neighbours and so many others, whether they are your best/closest friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, right through to your enemy.

Positive and happy relationships are healthy relationships, where you can be yourself and be respected for being that person.