Crawford High School Announcements

Week of November 29 - December 3

Schedule your Covid Test

Use this link to make an appointment for your Monday Covid Test.

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Counseling and College Information

Seniors - Progress Meeting to Graduate on Time!!!

It is time to review your high school progress and review your Spring Schedule so you will know what you need to graduate on time. You may schedule a meeting in person, on zoom from your class, or on the phone. We are trying not to disturb classes, but if you must leave, please choose a class in which you are doing well. See you soon!

**If you choose Zoom, the zoom link is emailed to the email address you used. It will be sent immediately when you select a time and you will need to locate the link in your email on day of your meeting. It does not remind you, so use your calendar to remember your appointment. If you already met with your counselor and are satisfied with the information that you discussed, you do not have to make another appointment. Thanks

Senior Survey - Required

All Class of 2022 students must complete the Senior Midyear Survey. This was also emailed to your school account.

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Pass/No Pass Grade Option for Last Year's Grades

Attention all Students,

If you earned a C, D, or F/NG or NC last school year in the 20/21 school year and you do not want it to lower your GPA, you have the right to change the grade to a PASS/ No PASS.

These marks (P/NP) are not calculated into your GPA, so they cannot hurt it.

You have until December 17, 2021 to have your parents fill out a form to change the bad grade. There is no limit on how many grades you can change, but they must have been taken last year in 2020-2021 or the summer school prior. See your counselor with questions.

  • “Pass” (P) can replace a final grade mark of A, B, C, or D
  • “No Pass” (NP) can replace a final grade mark of F, NC, or NG

Crawford Sports Schedule

Tuesday 11/30

5:00PM Boys JV Basketball (HOME - Pacific Ridge)

6:45PM Boys Varsity Basketball (HOME - Pacific Ridge)

6:00PM Boys Varsity Soccer (PARKER TOURNAMENT - Foothills Christian)

Wednesday 12/1

4:00PM Wrestling (HOME - TriMeet)

6:30PM Boys Varsity Soccer (PARKER TOURNAMENT - Bishops)

Thursday 12/2

4:00PM Boys JV Soccer (PARKER TOURNAMENT - Mount Miguel)

Friday 12/3

5PM Boys JV Basketball (HOME - High Tech CV)

6:45PM Boys Varsity Basketball (HOME - High Tech CV)

6:30PM Boys Varsity Soccer (PARKER TOURNAMENT - Holtsville)

Saturday 12/4

6:00PM Boys JV Soccer (PARKER TOURNAMENT - Kearny)

Club Meetings


  • Class of 2023: 12:20 in 403 (Wilson)
  • Class of 2022: Lunch in 408 (Abbott)
  • Class of 2025: Lunch in 311 (Lapp)
  • Mock Trial: 3:45-5:15 in 809 (Candor)


  • No Place for Hate: Lunch in B2 (Page) - every other week
  • Diamonds in the Rough: Lunch in B19 (Shaw) - every other week
  • Women of Biomedical Science: Lunch in 506 (Cdebaca)


  • East African Club: Lunch in 903 (Mahdi)
  • Peer Helping: Lunch in B2 (Page)


  • Crawford Pride Alliance (formerly GSA): Lunch outside 905 (Foster)

  • Mock Trial: 3:45-5:15 in 809 (Candor)

  • Class of 2024: Lunch in 410 (Ferrugia)


  • Karen Club: Lunch in 401 (Osgard)
  • Wildlife Club: Lunch in 403 (Wilson) - every other week


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