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September 30, 2022

Upcoming Events

October 1-31: One School, One Book - "A Boy Called Bat"

October 5: Student Count Day

October 7: Woodland Fun Run

October 14: Avondale Homecoming Parade & Game

October 20: HALF DAY-End of 1st Quarter-11:45am Dismissal

October 21-24: NO SCHOOL - Fall Break

October 31: Halloween Parties/Early Dismissal @ 1:35pm

November 2: Picture Retake Day

November 8: NO SCHOOL - Election Day

November 15: PTO Meeting @ 6pm

November 21-25: NO SCHOOL - Thanksgiving Break

A Message from the Principal

Dear Woodland Families,

We are so excited to announce that during the month of October, we will be celebrating with One School, One Book (OSOB). OSOB is a unique program that brings both home and school together to support children's literacy. One School, One Book is a way to

  • Build better readers by reading aloud to your student.
  • Start good family reading habits.
  • Encourage family time.
  • Foster a positive home-school connection.

Today, we had our kick off assembly! During the assembly, each child received a copy of the book, A Boy Called BAT. We shared some of the fun school activities we will be doing throughout October and showed students the calendar that has suggested activities for families. The books should be kept at home so that you can read the book together. The books can then be added to your family's library.

The students will be bringing information home today in their backpack. There will be a note for you, a calendar with at home activities, and a sheet for Trivia Questions that will come from the at-home reading. Watch for a Flat Stanley style skunk (Thor) to come home for adventures, too. Just snap a quick photo of Flat Thor having fun with your family and send the photo to your child's teacher or to me via email. Let's have some reading fun!

To follow up with our month long One School, One Book, we will be having our Reading and Math Family Literacy night. Mark your calendar for November 16th and plan on coming. More information on reading and math sessions for adults and students will be available in mid-October. We hope to see you there!

Have a great weekend,

Mrs. Arryn Schneider

Parent video OSOB

One School, One Book


Parent Letter (Linked and photo below)

Family Calendar of Activities

Trivia Answer Slips

Facts about Skunks




Please take a minute to watch this video about Wild Animals for Kids- it talks about skunks and many other interesting animals.


Please watch the video below. This video highlights the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation


Watch this short video showing you how baby skunks act just like puppies and how these skunks were rescued.

Read aloud Books:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6c698YF2xNk- One Smart Skunk

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZEDp2rRc_ Stinky Super Skunk

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eby0fxbY2N4 A Skunk In My Bunk

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMaQGd4v7ww Punk the Skunk Learns to Say Sorry
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Homecoming Float Building

Calling all float-building volunteers! We plan to start working on Woodland's "Hollywoodland" Sign with the Hollywood "Walk of Fame" stars as the skirting on our float. We will be making our Hollywood stars on Tuesday, October 4th. This will take place immediately after school in the Art Room for anyone that is available.

Just send a note that your student will be staying after school. Parents, you can park and come inside after dismissal is complete. All students helping in the Art Room must have an adult or parent present, as there is no childcare available.

While making the stars, we can discuss the rest of the float-building plans and additional meetings.

PTO News and Happenings

Woodland Fun Run

Woodland's Fun Run is coming! It's that time of year again for the Woodland PTO to host our annual Fun Run Fundraiser! It is our BIGGEST and MOST IMPORTANT fundraising event of the school year. Every year, the PTO raises money to enrich and enhance our children's educational experience as well as provide community events for our families. This year, teachers will be able to use 5% of their classroom earned pledges to purchase books for their classroom!

This year, our Fun Run will be held on Friday, October 7th and our goal is to raise $10,000. To reach our goal, we ask that each student try to raise $75 in Fun Run pledges, though we appreciate all pledges, big and small. There will be a fun surprise for the entire school if this goal is met! Flyers with more information will be coming home today in your child's Friday Folder.

Fun Run times are as follows:

Transitional K: 8:50am-9:30am - Sky Blue

Kindergarten: 8:50am-9:30am - Red

1st Grade: 8:50am-9:30am - Orange

2nd Grade: 9:35am-10:15am - Yellow

3rd Grade: 9:35am-10:15am - Green

4th Grade: 10:20am-11:00am - Blue

5th Grade: 10:20am-11:00am - Purple

Individual Rewards for Fun Run Pledges

  • All students will receive a class picture from the day of the Fun Run as well as a popsicle afterwards.
  • Students who turn in a pledge of at least $5 will have a pennant award hung in their classroom to acknowledge their contribution.
  • Pledges of $25 - Student receives 5 Fun Run Bucks
  • Pledges of $50 - Student receives 20 Fun Run Bucks
  • Pledges of $75 or more - Student receives 50 Fun Run Bucks

Fun Run Bucks = Currency students can use to purchase prizes at the (one time only!) Fun Run Store.

Classroom Rewards for Fun Run Pledges

  • Two (2) classrooms (one TK-2 and one 3-5) that have the highest percentage of students to turn in pledges will receive a Pizza Party!
  • Teachers will be able to use 5% of their classroom-earned pledges to purchase books for their classroom!

Woodland T-Shirts

Woodland T-Shirts were ordered last week and will arrive and be delivered to your child(ren) before our Fun Run on Friday, October 7th. If you did not order a shirt, we will have extras for sale in October in the Main Office for $7 each (cash only - no large bills). Students are asked to wear their grade level t-shirts many times during the year such as Fun Run, field trips, school assemblies and spirit days.

Kroger Rewards

Do you have a Kroger Plus card? If so, you can link your card to our school and Kroger will donate a percentage to Woodland! You still get all the great savings and all the fuel points! Link your card online at www.kroger/communityrewards by entering our account number: SQ402 or searching for Woodland PTO.

Woodland After-School Clubs...Coming Soon

Woodland teacher-run club information will be coming out next week. This year, we will have:

1. Board Game Club (Grades 3-5)

2. Violin Club (Grades 3-5)

3. EcoRangers (Grades 1-5)

The days, costs, and a description for each of these clubs is available on the link above. Students may also pick up forms in the office if they are interested.

We also host our Math Camp and Leadership Teams, but these are by application or invitation based on need and do not require a fee.

Woodland will also be hosting clubs that are run by outside organizations. The details on these have not been finalized yet. As soon as they are, I will share them out.

Attendance Reminders

We have many students who have been picked up early on multiple occasions. Important learning, including many intervention times, occur the last hour of school. Please be aware that when a child is picked up before 2:30pm, she/he is considered absent for the afternoon. Any time a student is picked up between 2:31pm and dismissal is considered an early withdrawal.

We are taking attendance very seriously because every minute missed, is a missed opportunity to learn.

Lost and Found

Woodland's Lost and Found is located by the gym and cafeteria. If your child is missing a jacket, sweatshirt, lunchbox, etc., please remind your child to look in the Lost and Found. If you would like to check, come into the office, give Mrs. Scrase your driver's license to scan, and get a pass to go look.

Breakfast is available in the cafeteria from 8:22-8:40am.

Cafeteria and Hot Lunch

School breakfast and lunch is no longer free. Breakfasts cost $1.50 and lunches cost $2.85. If a child orders a 2nd lunch, she/he must pay an additional $2.85. Money can be added to student accounts on Meal Magic.

Hot Lunch

Monday 9/26: A) Chicken Patty Sandwich B) Garden Salad C) Sun Butter & Jelly Sandwich

Tuesday 9/27: A) Pasta Alfredo B) Garden Salad C) Sun Butter & Jelly Sandwich

Wednesday 9/28: A) Soft Beef Tacos B) Garden Salad C) Sun Butter & Jelly Sandwich

Thursday 9/29: A) Pizza Crunchers B) Garden Salad C) Sun Butter & Jelly Sandwich

Friday 9/30: A) Chicken Nuggets B) Garden Salad C) Sun Butter & Jelly Sandwich

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Food Service & Meal Magic

We are also transitioning from MiStar Parent Portal to Meal Magic Family Portal for all food service-related management including viewing your student’s meal purchases and making deposits into their meal account. Set up your student’s Meal Magic account and learn more at https://avondale.familyportal.cloud/. Note that if your student had an unspent balance in their MiStar meal account, that amount will be carried over into the new Meal Magic system.

Learn more about these changes to our food services here.

An additional note regarding Avondale Food Services is a reminder of the importance of sharing any allergies that your student may have with our Food Service Department. If your student has any food allergies, please fill out the form here and email it to megan.haase@avondaleschools.org.

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Happy Birthday

September 30: Oliver H.

October 1: Kaylee S.

October 2: John Z.

October 4: Amelia B., Gabrielle M., Kevale M., Aaliyah N., Arianna N.

October 5: Makayla K.

October 9: Jaxen M., Stela M.

October 11: Hudson M.

October 12: Emma I.

October 14: Sincere F.

Positivity Project (P2)

This week, we worked on Perspective as our Positivity Project (P2) Trait.

What Does Mean?

You appreciate when people see things in different ways. You have the ability to understand the world from multiple points of view.

Perspective is also referred to as wisdom and is distinct from intelligence. People with this strength are sought out for advice because they see the big picture and can make sense of the world’s complexity. This strength of perspective gives individuals the ability to see to the heart of difficult matters and achieve clarity. Most importantly, they are honest and behave in an ethically consistent manner.

Perspective is usually gained over time, as one accumulates more knowledge and experiences. However, developing perspective is not only a matter of time. It comes from truly listening to others when they talk and working to understand new points of view when reading books, listening to stories, or watching movies.

Why Does It Matter?

Perspective helps an individual make sense of the world. It provides clarity on what matters and what does not. Being able to see things from multiple angles helps individuals remain calm and learn from mistakes; they are typically highly self-aware. Reflecting on their own feelings, thoughts, and motives helps them understand and empathize with other people. These individuals are strong listeners and ask great questions.

On a group level, perspective helps couples, teams, communities, and societies act wisely and correctly. Individuals with the strength of perspective help their group get through difficult or uncertain circumstances because they’re poised and can identify opportunities for success. Moving into an increasingly complex future, the need for individuals with perspective will only increase.

Next week, we will focus on Forgiveness as our P2 strength.


Please Label Items

  • When sending in any money with your child, please make sure that your child's first and last name, teacher's name and what the money is intended for is clearly labeled on an envelope or baggie. It is difficult for the office staff to know when so many things are coming in at this time of year, and we do not want to interrupt the classrooms during instructional time.


Please DO NOT send your child to school if:

  • They have had a fever within the last 24 hours
  • They have vomited or had diarrhea within the last 24 hours

If your child will be late or not attending school, please call the attendance line directly @ 248-537-6910 before 9am. The attendance line is available to call 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Also, if you are calling in your child's absence and they (or someone in the household) have Covid, please make sure to also call our district nurse, Lourdes Lopez, so she can give you pertinent clinical guidance. You may contact her at 947-235-1067. This is the protocol this year. We need to report the cases to the Oakland County Health Department and MDHHS.

Volunteer Forms

When sending in your Avondale School District Volunteer Registration Form, please make sure that you include a copy of your driver's license and/or state ID. Please be sure to indicate at the top of the form what you are volunteering for (teacher assistant, chaperone, etc.) and the time period it will cover. For example, circle "teacher assistant" and put "September 2022-June 2023" for the volunteering date. We will be sending back home any volunteer forms that did not have a copy of a driver's license attached.


If your student needs medication throughout the school day or in case of emergency, please make sure that your doctor has filled out a "Permission Form for Prescribed Medication" and please turn it into the Main Office. All medication must be stored in our clinic.

Free & Reduced Lunch Forms

Please turn in your paperwork ASAP. Only one application needs to be filled out per family. Lunch assistance forms need to be resubmitted each year by September 30th in order to renew assistance for the 2022-2023 school year.

Blessings In A Backpack

Considering the tough economic times and the rising food costs facing our area, we are attempting to help Avondale families by making sure all our children have enough food. “Blessings in a Backpack” is a program designed to provide students on the free and reduced lunch program with enough food for three meals a day during the weekends. This program is a community-based program sponsored by Blessings in a Backpack-Michigan, Community Foundation of Greater Rochester, the Meijer Corporation, the Avondale Community and will continue for children attending schools in the Avondale School District.

If you agree to take part in this program, during the school year, your child will receive a bag filled with purchased food for the weekend. Bags will be dispensed in a discreet and caring manner. The simple meals may include food like macaroni and cheese, beef ravioli, canned chicken, canned tuna, granola bars, peanut butter, soups, fruit, and other items. For you there is no cost associated with this program.

To ensure, as to the best of our ability, to provide for a safe packing environment all volunteers will follow the guidelines established by the Avondale School District. All food will be sent home in disposable plastic bags.

If you would like to have your child participate in this program, click on the link below to sign them up online or stop by the Main Office and fill out an enrollment form If you have more than one child attending the school, list the names of all children in this school.

Blessings in a Backpack Sign-Up Link

Please be sure to indicate on the form if your child has any food allergies. If your child has a food allergy, you as the parent are responsible for checking all food labels when the food arrives home. Avondale School District as well as Blessings in a Backpack-Michigan, Community Foundation of Greater Rochester and Meijer will not be held responsible for any accidental food allergen exposure.

Return the below form to your child’s school OR, sign your child(ren) up to receive Blessings in a Backpack online at: https://forms.gle/PenBsXw6fhZ7opKz5.

Busy Bee Child Care

Woodland Busy Bees is located in our cafeteria in the morning. Parents drop students off at the front door. When you arrive, call the Busy Bee staff and they will come get your student. Parents will not enter the building.

In the afternoon, students are bused to GATE on Bus 19. We are hoping this is a temporary location and we will be back at Woodland in the morning and afternoon shortly.

Woodland Busy Bees is currently full. There is a waitlist. If you'd like to get on it, please call Aleesha Hollis @ 248-537-6402 or email her @ aleesha.hollis@avondaleschools.org.

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Youth Wrestling Program

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AHPL Monster Hunt

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Staying Connected

Please see the the Woodland Elementary website and the Avondale School District website as resources for valuable information. We also post reminders and information on our Woodland Facebook Page. Please like us to stay connected with Woodland and the community.