By Chyanne Kruse

Breed Origin:

It is originally native to Africa.

They are a breed of Sanga Cattle.

Found in Europe, South America, Australia, North America, and Africa

Breed Characteristics:

Medium in size:

Cows weigh 950-1,200 pounds.

Bulls weigh 1,200-1,600 ponds.

Newborn Calves weigh 30-50 pounds.= stay small for several months.

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Interesting Facts:

  • Ankole have the largest horns of any species of cattle in the world.
  • Some bulls can have horns that spread close to 2 meters across.
  • Many members of the Bovid family have glands in the toe toed foot which leave a scent enabling an isolated individual to return to the herd.
  • As a domesticated animal the Ankole is not a threatened species although individually they are preyed on by lions and leopards.
  • Durring the day the calves sleep together with an "Auntie" Cow nearby for protection.
  • At night the herd members sleep together with the calves in the center of the group for protection.
  • The horns of adults serve as weapons against intruders.
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to supply milk

they were rarely used for meat production

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Production Locations:

  • Sudan
  • Kenya
  • Uganda
  • Live in the Savannas and open grasslands,Their diet consists of grass and leaves.
  • Able to utilize poor quality forage and limited quantities of food and water.