Customized Fat Loss-

Running start slowly and gradually

Running start slowly and gradually increases the speed. Avoid unnecessary movement to save power. While running, bend your torso slightly forward, feet touch the ground as gently as possible. Breathe in through your nose.
If there is insufficient air to go walking, catch your breath. After a workout, drink a glass of water to restore moisture balance

The secrets to beautiful gait - Ask any woman, whether she was satisfied with her figure, and with a probability of 99% to hear the answer "no."

Some people lose weight, others had to get better, and others are unhappy small stature, the fourth suffer from too high, the fifth want more chests,
waist thinner sixth ... seventh ... eighth legs hands neck. The list is detailed and tends to infinity at an alarming rate.

Ask any woman, whether she was satisfied her gait (pause) a slight movement of the shoulders up, dazed and unsure lashes sweep the question:
"What I had not so I go?" Try to imagine a person with the ballet posture and gait, "the experienced seaman." Now imagine a man with a light, supple, graceful gait, and his head hung low and shoulders.

Perhaps, this is not enough for even the most fertile imagination. Indeed, one has only to straighten his shoulders and lifted her head as soon as transformed and gait. But why is it so difficult to do?

It seems to be very little effort, but it is only enough for a few seconds, and then we will again take a familiar pose.