EAR: education against racism

Invitation for NGO and High Schools in KA2 project


The invisible racism consists of the unconscious attitudes that lead to discrimination not only by race, but also for any other reason that makes a human being feel superior or being holder of more rights than another. These attitudes are naturalized and not taken as something harmful against which we must fight, however, they are the seeds of social injustice and inequality.


  • Raising awareness about the existence of the invisible or unconscious racism in our society, especially within young people in the context of formal education.
  • Developing effective tools that can be used in formal education for the prevention and the fight against visible and invisible racism in schools.
  • Dissemination of educational materials about prevention of the invisible racism in classrooms at national and European level.
  • Strengthen working networks between formal and non-formal education at the Europe level.


This project will be developed in collaboration with schools, because they are the basis of the education of youngsters who spend a lot of their time there, being places of socialization par excellence. It is important to provide professors, teachers and youth workers with tools to detect, prevent and fight these discriminatory attitudes that are often overlooked.


This project aims at involving youth workers, as well as youngsters, teachers and professors to share their perspective and experience.

We seek for partners from Programme Countries who are able to involve schools in this project. Each organization will collaborate with 1 school/public education institution from their area to work closely with it.

In all cases the school and the partner organization will need the PIC code and a signed and stamped mandate.


1. Research. September 2014 - January 2015.

a. Definition of the "Invisible Racism".

b. Work with teachers in formal education through interviews and data collection.

c. Long-term mobility of youth workers (1 person per country for 5 months) for jobshadowing, collecting working tools against racism by the organizations and evaluating situation in schools.

2. International meeting of youth workers, teachers and researchers. February 2015

a. Data analysis

b. Plan for developing a tool-kit for working on the issue of the invisible racism in schools.

3. Development of the tool-kit. February-June 2015.

4. International conference for the presentation of the tool-kit. July 2015.

5. National presentations of the tool-kit and workshops with teachers. September 2015.

6. Tool-kit implementation workshops with youth in schools. October-November 2015.


If you want to become partner of this project, please fill out the form by clicking on the "apply now" button.

Deadline to apply will be on 18th April.

Please keep in mind that you have to be able to involve one formal education institution with its own PIC number.

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