First time checking account!!!!!


Using the bank to hold your money while you write checks


Putting money into an account.


To take out money of an account.

First time checking account.

If you write a check and it is over what you have in the bank, they will overdraft you which will cost $30. If your setting up a account you also might want a savings account to save money, it is free. You also will need checks and money to pay for them. 480 checks cost $8.70 plus shipping. A box cost $5.96 plus shipping. A book of checks cost $8.99 plus 2.95=11.94 cents. The bank will give you a interest, which is when they pay you for using them as your bank. You will not want to be overdrawn, which is when you don't have any money in the bank but you buy stuff any way. So you will have to replace all of the money and pay a $30 dollar monthly fee. Limit fee definition for a credit card- it is charged when you change your credit limit even if it is because of fees or interest. Definition for fee income - is it includes non-conficiant funds (etc). non-conficiant funds means not up to date.