Rest Easy Coach

Sometimes you just can't find the words.

But others have. And have done so very eloquently.

We bring you this tribute to Coach Jeff Curry from those who knew him so very well. The love and compassion he instilled in those around him will never be forgotten.

And many thanks to Linda Stykel for capturing--and sharing--these priceless images.

Anyone can coach, sure, but it takes a truly special coach to leave an impact on his players, and you were an extremely special man who pushed each one of us to be our best selves.

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I will never forget you, and no words could ever be enough to thank you for shaping me into who I am today.

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From the Monmouth tournaments to beating Boylan, to Blue & Gold pants and ugly Christmas sweaters, to foot stomps and state championships.

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Your legacy is embedded in my mind and in the heart of Aquin, and it will never be forgotten.

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You molded us into the people we are today and you are forever embedded in our hearts. Thank you for believing in us. Rest easy Coach.

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Remember, Jeff couldn't do the heart thing? Check out his fingers and the smile on his face.

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Those girls played for Aquin, they played for each other, but they played their hearts out for Coach Curry.

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Godspeed Coach Jeff Curry . . . Aquin Class of 1978

Our hearts and prayers go out to the entire Jeff Curry family: his mom, Barbara (Franz) Curry, Aquin Class of 1953; his daughters Tatum, Aquin Class of 2007, and Taylor, Aquin Class of 2010; his brothers: Brian, Aquin Class of 1976, Doug, Aquin Class of 1980, Todd, Aquin Class of 1982, Chris, Aquin Class of 1989; sister Melissa, Aquin Class of 1986 . . . and the extended Curry and Franz families.

(There are soooo many Bulldog alumni among them it is an insurmountable task to list them all.)

The Bulldog love is pouring out upon you all.

And Jeff--hope there was a big yellow limo waiting for you at the pearly gates--and there is plenty of stomping room in front of the heavenly bleachers so you can continue to watch over our beloved Bulldogs!