Scientists of Tectonic Plate Theory


Abraham Orteluis


Abraham Ortelius major contribution to to geology was the making of the first real atlas.

James Hutton

1735 the Theory of Earth

The Earth uplifted on an edge and eroded away, and then capped with more more layers, revealed the presence of the world is older than we think.

Evidence of his theory

He discovered that sedimentary rocks originated from, not a single flood, but a series of floods; intrusion of igneous rocks were distinct from sedimentary rocks. He recorded the geographic processes and lengths of time.

Alfred Wegener


His hypothesis was that the continents had once been together but slowly drifted apart. What proved this was the shape of the continents were like puzzle pieces and could fit together.

Harry Hess


Hess had the idea that the sea-floor was spreading making magma come out which hardend into new crust. His evidence was "the youth of the ocean floor, the presence of island arcs, the deep sea trenches, and the origin of the mid-ocean ridge."

Dan McKenzie


Dan Mckenzie's theory was basically the making of the first solid formula to determine how the Earth's crust moved. This was a great contribution because it was now full-proof proven that the Earth's crust moved via from the formulas.