Hero Project

By: Cooper C


A hero will be there for you when no one else is. A hero means a lot of different things to a lot of different people, but one thing a hero always does is helps. Personally, I know a lot of heroes, I have also learned about a lot of heroes. People who help will always be considered heroes, it just matters who recognizes them as one.

Hero definition

The Oxford dictionary defines the word "hero" as somebody who inspires others and is highly admired for their courage. The dictionary couldn't be more correct. Being a hero isn't just saving someone from a super villain, it's more than that. A hero can be a average person that just wants to help out. Whether it's for society or even for their family a hero will always be there.

A hero is a doctor who helps people fight and cope with the pain of losing a loved one. Someone who helps others get through tough times and doesn't stop helping until they are ok. Someone who teaches others how to live life during the toughest times. Imagine a child who just heard that their mother died in a car accident. Consider the intense pain the child is feeling, needing time to figure out what just happened, finally realizing how harsh this world can be. Question yourself, how would you be able to handle this, if you were that little boy or girl hearing the news that your loving mother just suddenly died. A hero will always help a person in need. A hero is the person who helps that young child learn to love life during the darkest of times. A hero will understand your pain and help you fight it. A hero will always be there for you and will be there to help whenever anyone needs them.

A hero is a father who worries about his child's schooling. Mike often dislikes his father's choices in his highschool career but knows that without his help he would be failing. Everyday Mike comes home hoping that his dad will allow him to hang out with friends and everyday his father comes home from his boring desk job just to sit down with his child and help with studying. In the past mike was known to do poorly on tests. Mike's father just worried that mike would end up like him, working a job that he disliked and going to a collage that was not ideal. How much mike's father cares about his child's future life shows how heroes can be regular people making a difference in others lives.

A hero can be anyone from a small town doctor too your average joe trying to help his loved ones. A hero will be the one who inspires others and is always admired for all the things they do. While many people are admired by one or two others only a select few will be able to inspire anyone they meet. Do you know the one person in your life that inspires everybody they meet to do something that will help. Are you the person you just imagined? Can you become a hero? In the end anyone can be a hero if they try hard enough.

Untouchable hero essay

The dictionary defines hero as someone who inspires others to do good, the dictionary couldn't be more correct. Harriet tubman helped save over 200 slaves in her time working with the railroad. She is a great person who deserves every single honor she has earned through her legacy. It is a amazing what she accomplished with such a difficult childhood.

Harriet tubman is an amazing hero because of her empathy and how she helped others. She is a hero to me because she inspired thousands and thousands of people to do good and find a better life, I aspire to be that influence. Harriet is not only a hero but a legend. She helped the underground railroad gain enough popularity so that every runaway slave could have a good life in the north Tubman helped many slaves looking for a better life come over to the north and pursue their dreams. Tubman grew up with a very difficult past. Yet Tubman, despite all the odds, lived to the age of 93 — the centennial of her death in 1913 was celebrated earlier this year in Auburn, N.Y., where she was living when the Civil War broke out. Her friends in the abolitionist movement, notably Gov. John Andrew of Massachusetts, reached out to the Union Army to find a place for her. (Donnelly 2008) Harriet Tubman saved many slaves during her lifetime. She knew how bad slavery can be having experienced harsh full slavery growing up. She was moved away from her family when she was five. Harriet knew the struggles of slavery and wanted to help anyone who went through the pain that she did.

Harriet Tubman is very much like my personal hero Barb Jonesi. Both of these marvelous woman help people. For Harriet it's the slave movement and for my aunt Barb it's her friends and family. Both of these people also fight for rights, Barb helps women's rights movements and Harriet's helped fight for African American rights. Harriet has inspired me to help anyone who needs it and so does Barb. Barb and Harriet both fit the criteria of a hero because they both inspired others. "Despite the best efforts of the slaveholders, Tubman was never captured, and neither were the fugitives she guided. Years later, she told an audience." (Brown 1992) Tubman has done great things for others just like my aunt Barb. Barb has worked for Chicago community and frequently found herself helping others in her community. Overall, I believe that Barb Jonesi and Harriet Tubman are both heroes because they are both very brave when fighting for their cause. If I could talk to Harriet Tubman right now I would ask her what she thought when she first joined the Underground Railroad. I would also like to ask about some wild stories about her many trips across the United States. Finally, after putting in so much time into researching Harriet Tubman and her heroic ways it has inspired me to help others. Harriet proved that it doesn't take a lot to affect others in a spectacular way. In the future I want to help people that have been through things that I couldn't even imagine happening to me. In the end, Both Harriet Tubman and Barb Jonesi have inspired me to help and inspire others in my lifetime.

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