"Better Deal"

$20.00 off or 20% off

Which coupon to use.?

A coupon that will save the most money that's the coupon you want to use. In this case the 20% off coupon. For example: a widescreen t.v. priced at $1499.99 by using the 20% the savings are $299.99 almost $300.00, versus the other coupon of only $20.00.
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Undecided? please don't be

Maria wants to show her friend Lupe why and when to use a $20.00 off or 20% off coupon. Maria has a perfect example here a beautiful chair priced at $139.99 . Lupe immediately thinks, " well of course I want to use the $20.00 off right?". Maria gives her a "Let me show you why not look!" .By using the $20.00 off Lupe is only saving twenty dollars instead of 27.00 with the 20% off coupon and only paying $112.00 saving an extra seven dollars .Lupe finally agrees and sees why, in this particular case is best to use the 20% .At the end of the day Maria and Lupe had a great time shopping and saving money. Lupe also realized that her friend was right like always.
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what to do? two coupons in my hand!

To get a better deal on an any thing you want to purchase, the key is to know when is best to use a $20 or 20% off coupon. It is best to use a 20% off coupon on an item priced over $100.00 for example: 20% off of $300.00 is $40.00. the higher the amount the higher the percent off is in that particular item , percentage varies ,versus the $20.00 which always stays at that the value of $20.00. Here we have a great example where an item is priced under $100.00, anything that is under that amount using a $20.00 off coupon will save the most money. A batmobile toy at 26.99 minus 20.00 is 6.99 ,that's a savings of 75%. If i was to use the 20% off coupon my savings would only be of $5.39. Often you see at Department stores a 20% off sale sign, where most of the stuff is shoes, clothing etc. which are usually under $100.00. In Electronic stores the 10% of 15% is the most discount you are given. You are still saving money but no as much money as we would like.