By Kaleb Mook

China's capital

China's capitol is Beijing

China's population

China's population is 1,349,585,835 as for 2014

special physical features

a special feature is the yellow river

geographic boundaries

north is the Gobi desert

east mount Everest

south the worlds largest and tallest Plautu

west the yantze river


they invented silk fabric and silk weavers

a man named sun-yat-senbua was tired of constant choas in a result against the Chinese gov.

in 1989 ,thousands of Chinese students gathered in Tienanmen square to call for democracy gov. by the people

history continued

the first Chinese dynasty was the xia dynasty established around 2000 BC.

people and places

just smaller then the U.S china is the fourth largest country in the world

people and places

most of china is hill or mountains

people and places

the Chinese are known for hospility and reserve