Prep 1

SJI International Elementary, Singapore


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Dates for your Diary

May 12th- Mufti Day (Free Dress)

May 13th - Founder's Day: 1/2 day for students (11.20 dismissal)

May 18th - Prep Proms (8:00 am in the ES Hall)

May 20th - Family Picnic and Movie Night

May 25th - Prep 1 Sports Day

May 27th - Exit Point for IPC 'Treasure' unit; Experimental Learning Trip to Port of Lost Wonder

May 30th - Celebration of Learning (8:00-8:30)

May 30th - Prep 1 Mathematics Workshop (8:30)

June 2nd - Entry Point for IPC 'Let's Pretend' unit; Children will be asked to bring in their favorite Fairy Tale book to share with the class

June 7th - Prep 1 Swim Gala

June 14th - Optional Parent Teacher Conferences

June 17th - Last day of Summer Term; holidays begin

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This week in Prep 1: Entry Point for 'Treasure'!

This week the Prep 1 children started their new IPC unit “Treasure”. The children used their creativity and enthusiasm and confidence during our Entry Point, where they learned how to be a pirate. We had an amazing time singing pirate songs, making pirate craft and hearing traditional pirate stories. Later on in the week the children started to think about the word treasure and how it could be a range of different things. The children soon realized that treasure can be something that is precious and important to you!

The children are continuing to investigate numbers 0-10. The children are developing their mark making skills and learning how to write these numbers, as well as learning about number bonds and the special number five!

The children began the week by learning their 3rd cluster of Jolly phonics sounds with the phonic focus of /Gg/. They have been working on recognizing cvc words in text, making books and painting pictures independently. At home please encourage your children to find key words or sounds in environment print, and in books.

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Thank You to the Hart Family!

The Prep 1 team would like to give a huge THANK YOU! to the Hart Family for donating this beautiful piece of art to the Early Years classrooms. The Hart's have been a huge part of the SJIIES community since 2010 and are relocating to South Africa over the summer. We wish them well on their new amazing adventure!

The Painting:

Trip to the Beach” by Mariann Johansen-Ellis

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Thank you to the Tang Family!

We would also like to thank the Tang Family for donating this lovely wooden kitchen to our Prep classrooms. It promises to bring years of enjoyment to the children of SJIIES!

Prep Proms

Prep Proms

This year we see the launch of our very own Prep Proms. This wonderful musical event will showcase the hard work and talents of the youngest members of our school. Performing alongside their peers they will demonstrate their spectacular singing voices in a series of songs which may tell a familiar story..... Class items and solo performances will also be featured, with our children bringing their confidence and courage in equal measure.

The events will take place in the ES Hall on Wednesday 18th May:

  • Prep 1: 8am
  • Prep 2: 1pm

We look forward to seeing you there

Miss Pamela Main.

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Celebration of Learning and Mathematics Workshop

Our classroom based Celebration of Learning event is coming up in a few weeks and we would like all parents to mark their calendars for a morning spent in their child’s classroom, sharing their child’s learning journey. This is your child’s moment to showcase the efforts and achievements they have made. Please remember that this event is well attended by all parents and your child will be really looking forward to sharing their learning with you!

Parents will have the opportunity to view their child’s workbooks and journals, experience the learning of the classroom and view the learning displays both within and outside the room.

Following on from the Celebration of Learning, we will be hosting Mathematics workshops for parents, led by Mrs Juliana Wong our Early Years Maths Coordinator. This will start at 8:30.

Next Week at a Glance

Jolly Phonic focus: /Oo/

Magic 100 words: /on//we/

Virtue of the Week: Honesty