New Mexico

By Zachary and Max

Geography and landforms

In New Mexico, there are large mountains and many mesas. Also, New Mexico has large deserts. It has the largest gypsum desert in the world!!!!!! In fact, New Mexico as the state is very large! It is 121,598 sq. miles! Also, it is a southwestern state. It is part of the Rockies and the Colorado Plateau. Being a desert state, it is very dry and sunny. New Mexico houses 19 pueblos!
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Santa Fe, the capital, was founded in 1610 and completed shortly after. It was the first capital in the United States!!! New Mexico was founded in 1850, and made the 47th state in 1910, but people have been living in New Mexico for thousands of years. Soldiers came to New Mexico in 1539, before New Mexico was even founded. Some of the Native American tribes in New Mexico are the Navajo, the Apache, the Anazi, the Magallon, the Zuni, and the Taos.
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Recreation and entertainment

For fun, some New Mexicans watch or perform the Sun Dance at the fiesta of San Geronimo. The pueblos of San Felipe and Santo Domingo do the Green Corn Dance. Also, New Mexicans have the option of going to the Santa Fe Opera, which has shuttles running to it and a 360 sandstone view.
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Fun facts

There are many symbols of New Mexico. The state bird is the roadrunner (Beep beep!), the state tree is the piñon tree, and the state flower is the yucca. New Mexico also is called "The Land Of Enchantment". A fun fact is that the first atomic bomb was tested there. Another fact is that Georgia O'Keefe lived there and astronaut Harrison Schmitt was born there.

Did you know the state song is "O' fair New Mexico"? How about the lowest temperature in New Mexico? Give up? It's -50 degrees Fahrenheit, and the highest temperature is 116 degrees Fahrenheit! Continuing the subject of state symbols, did you know that the state animal is the black bear, the state gem is turquoise, and the state insect is the tarantula hawk moth. One final fact is that the population of New Mexico, in 1995, was 1,685,401, and in 2014, it was 2,086,000 million!

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