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Jacques Cartier

Jacques Cartier

He explored the Saint Lawrence River and gave the name to Canada, he got the name Canada from a Chief named Kanata. Jacques Cartier started to explore in 1534, and that was his first voyage. His second voyage was in 1535, and my third voyage was in 1541. He is a French explorer and he was the first French explorer to start exploring. The reason that he wanted to explore is that he wanted to reach my goals that he made in my younger life. Jacques Cartier wanted riches and spices to bring back to my country so all of the other countries are even with our country. He also wanted to go to a village near what is now called Quebec, language.

Ways he explored

The routes he took

He traveled on the St. Lawrence river for a couple hours and then he sailed around Cape Breton Island and straight to France in Saint Malo, and he traveled across the Atlantic Ocean. He was trying to look for a route to the Pacific Ocean through North America, but he could not find one.

How he surrvived and how he helped the world

He traveled with some weapons and not extra clothing and a ship with lots of crew members. When he reached a certain Island ware the Indians were and he brought out the hatchet an some of the knives he had to make the Indians give him some of their riches. Jacques Cartier survived for 54 years and then he died when they built a fort and when they tried to get food. Some of his crew members also died from scurvy. If Jacques Cartier did not explore the St. Lawrence river in Canada we would not know if it is safe or not. And if he did not give the name to Canada we would not know what to call it. Thank you for listening!