Planning a Party Project

By: Luke Jeskevic


Burger Bonanza

IV ~ $10

DV ~ $20

Pizza Palace

IV ~ $9.25

DV ~ $61.25

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Part A Questions

1. For each of the food distributor, I multiplied the number of people times the cost per person. Both food places had a setup fee so I added the setup fee to the cost for that number of people and got my final answer.

2. No, at no point is any the price from both businesses the same at the same hour.

3. If you only had a budget of 1,000 dollars for food Burger palace is 98 and Pizza Palace is 101 people. You cant do factions or decimal because you cant have part or a fraction of a person.

Proposed Plan ~ If more than 100 people are going Pizza Palace is the better deal but if less than 100 people are going you need to choose Burger Banaza.

Bounce houses

Jumpin' Jacks

IV ~75

DV ~ x

Hoppin' Around

IV ~ 54

DV ~ 84

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Part B Questions

1. I created the equation by first multiplying the number of hours by the cost per hour. For Jumpin' Jacks there is a 84$ set up and removal fee so I added that to the total to get my final cost but Hoppin' Around is just 75 dollars per hour and no set up fees.

2. Yes, at 4 hours they are both 300 dollars.

3. For Jumpin' Jacks its 12 and for Hoppin Around its 10. You cant have a decimal or fraction of an hour because they are charging you by the whole hour not part of it.

Proposal Plan ~ 4 or less hours you need to go with Hopping Around and for more than four hours you need to go with Jumpin' Jacks.