Freak the Mighty


Book Title

When Max and Kevin meet again, they become Freak the Mighty. Their parents knew each other. They were separated after day care, and then, they meet up again in 8th grade. They are booth outcasts. They become friends and eventually, learn to like themselves even though no one else does.

Conflict & Outcome

The conflict in this story is man vs. society. I thinks this because no one likes Max or Kevin. People tease Max because his dad's in prison and he is so big. They tease Kevin because he is freakishly small. He also is extremely smart and he is weird to them.

Character's remarks

Max and freak had lots of adventures together. They returned stolen property, helped a woman who was being mugged and stood up to bullies. Max begins to feel bad about himself after his dad is let out on parole. He thinks that he will end up like his dad. Freak tells him that both their fathers were messed up. Freak said that Max wasn't anything like his father. Max then started to feel better.


Max is a very big and strong boy. He also isn't very smart. Freak is very smart. He often uses big words. He is small and weak too. In fact, he is the exact opposite of Max. Although this doesn't relate to the theme, i still thought this was by far the best contrast in this book.