Wonder Women

December newsletter

Happy NEW year! I love the turning of a new year because it always reminds me that everyday

we have the ability to let yesterday be the past and today be brand new! So no matter what

your past experiences have been, you can wipe the slate clean today and start new. What

would you like to see or do differently with your business right now? Where do you need to

make some changes to see that newness? Do you need to start fresh to reach those goals?

You have so much to offer to your customers, hostesses, and friends right now! We have an

incredible line of new Spring products and prints, new organizing products, a new line of purses

and wallets, new hostess specials and customer specials. So go ahead, make a decision that

today is your fresh start in your business. You’re ready to do something NEW and see NEW


Welcome to the team!

Please welcome these ladies to our Thirty-one family!

Anita Slaughter (Laura Kellermeyer)

Heather Boney (Beth Hunt)

Can't wait to see you earn your Start Swells and see which kits you choose!

Party Going Women

Congrats to these ladies who were PARTYING through the busy holiday

month! These ladies all had 2 or more parties in Dec:

LeeAnn Long (3)

Carolyn Pearson (2)

Monica Bradford (2)

PraiseWorthy Women

It was an exciting month for sales for SO many of you! Here’s my TOP 10 SELLERS for


10) Megan Gibler- $202

9) Dee Rouse- $255

8) Keri Lengemann- $511

7) Sky Briscoe- $624

6) Kelly Vanderpool- $627

5) Monica Bradford- $858

4) Caroly Pearson- $1142

3) Lori Reed- $1273

2) LeeAnn Long- $1362

1) Laura Kellermeyer- $1539

Congrats to LeeAnn Long for earning Level 3 of her Start Swell!