5th Grade Music Notes

October 2015

Our October Learning Goals

  • I will be able to READ MUSIC
  • I will be able to sing and write the words to the Star Spangled Banner
  • I will be able to read and play BAG on my recorder.
  • I will be able to read and play E on my recorder.

Recorder Karate Tests

Recorder Karate is a curriculum based on a series of tests that students must pass. For each playing test that is passed at an 80% or higher, students receive a colored "belt" for their recorder and are able to progress to the next test in the series. In fifth grade, students will be required to pass TWO tests for the year (one in the fall semester, one in the spring semester).

Our first testing day in class will be November 9-13. Because of the individualized nature of this curriculum, students will progress at different rates and must be responsible for knowing which song they are to be learning for each test.

Books were sent home in October and can also be found on the Recorder Karate section of the music website: http://hobart.schoolwires.com/Page/8278

Students can also record themselves at home on a smartphone, device, or computer, and email their tests to Mrs. Amsler (amslerclass@hobart.k12.in.us) for credit.

We composed "Super hero" songs with rhythms and played them on our recorders!

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What Are "Mad Minute" Tests?

We are continuing our study of reading music with our "Mad Minute" test series. Students have 1 minute to name 30 note names that they need to have memorized. Memorizing note names improves students’ overall music reading performance; it decreases the amount of time to translate written music to instruments and allows students to move onto more challenging concepts.

Although the grades will be posted in the grade book, hang tight- they will be averaged at the end of the semester for a single Mad Minute grade. We are tracking our progress so that we can see if they are improving on their music reading skills. Please support your student by helping him/her practice with flash cards or the optional worksheets that are sent home!

If you have any questions or concerns about this program, please don’t hesitate to contact Mrs. Amsler!

You can learn more about reading music by visiting the JM Music Website: http://hobart.schoolwires.com/Page/3190

Choir Club's First Performance!

5th Grade Choir meets Tuesdays during lunch recess.

Our first performance is November 11 during the school Veteran's Day program. Due to the size of our student body, parents are not permitted to attend unless your child has invited a Veteran. We will be video recording our performances and posting them on the Choir Website.

Students should wear their new choir shirt and nice black dress pants or skirts (with tights/leggings/shorts underneath, please). Shirts are going home this week. If your child did not order a shirt yet, you can print a copy of the shirt order form at this link: http://hobart.schoolwires.com/Page/6542

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