Aethina & The Chaser

God & Goddess

Aethina & The Chaser By: Emily LeFevre

Oce there was a 14 year old girl and her name was Aethina. She was the goddess of dance. Also she lived in the Maine Mountains where is was really quiet and very peaceful which she loved!
Then one day all she wanted to do was be the best dancer in the Mountains. That day a man also kept asking her questions like “What are you doing please tell me!” “NO” shouted Aethina. But she then he figured out that she would only say no.:{
She tried to get him away from her. She keeps trying and trying. Finally she does and is so happy she could cry.

Finally Aethina figured out that she became the best dancer there ever was! She worked really hard and that is how she became the best! Then she was super excited that she was the best!

Now that she is the best she celebrates with her friends because she is so happy and back to normal again! (She got a little weird like more than she usually is that is why I said that just so you know!) Also Aethina will never have to do that process again so she is happy for that to!!