The Toll Gate Tidings Tana

April 17, 2016 Edition

Important Dates to Note


4/18 - Gator Gratitude letters

4/18 - Faculty Meeting - PARCC training

4/19 - OW training Grade 1

4/19 - 3O'S to TASK

4/20 - OW training Grade K

4/20 - Spring Birthday Celebration

4/21 - Bus Evacuation Drills

4/21 - OW training Grade 2

4/21 - Paraprofessional Meeting

4/22 - K trip to Howell Farm

4/22 - 3P "Footprints" program

4/22 - Grades due in OnCourse

4/22 - Earth Day

4/25-4/27 - PARCC testing Grades 3-5

4/25 - 5th Grade Consititution Center program

4/26 - 5th Grade Kidsbridge Mobile Exhibit

4/27 - 5th Grade Constitution Center program

4/27 - Additional 90-minute staff meeting - "Celebration of Inquiry/SAMR"

4/28 - TODASTW Day

4/28 - K to "Busytown"

4/29 - PARCC testing Grades 3-5

4/29 - 3P "Footprints" program

4/29 - 4th Grade Kidsbridge Mobile Exhibit

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Report Cards

Please make sure report cards are done in OnCourse by this Friday, April 22nd. I will be checking them over the weekend and early next week before they are opened up to parents.
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Gator Gratitude Letters

Monday will be our last Gator Gratitude letter writing day. Let's make it a good one!

Click here if you need ideas for your stationary!
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Annual Reminders

When preparing for your annual, please make sure to complete your SGOs and your PGP, including your hours. We will also discuss your goals for next year's PGP, so please think of what you might want to be working on for the future. It is suggested that you look at the Technology Competencies to see if there are any areas that you need to learn more about - this can be included in your PGP.

Please review the folder link to access all annual information needed.

Check here for the schedule of annuals with me, if I am doing yours this year.

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PARCC Schedule - Draft 2

Ok, here we go! Please see this link for our second schedule draft. Please let me know ASAP if you see any problems/conflicts that I can address now. Thanks!
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PARCC Testing

A few dates to keep in mind for testing at the end of the month:

* Training for all staff will occur at the April Faculty Meeting- TOMORROW! Please be sure to attend this meeting.

* We will have a 3rd grade trial run with technology on Thursday, April 21st from 1:30-2:30pm. 3O'S will be in the computer lab, 3P/L will be in the media center, and Mrs. Donovan's students will be with her in room 113.

* Our testing schedule days will be as follows:

4/25 - 4/27: ELA portion

4/28 - TODASTW Day - no testing will take place

4/29 - ELA Field Test - this does not count against students or staff

5/2-5/3: Math portion

5/4-5/9: Make-up testing

Also, if any parents mention they would like to "refuse to test", please direct them to write a formal letter to me stating such. Thanks!

Make sure to check out the "PARCC" link under "Staff" on our District Website. See below - just make sure you are logged in as a staff member with your, or else you will not be able to view the page.

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Step-by-Step How-To Guide...

Jill Bacso made up this guide for all Test Administrators - click here. If you are a Test Administrator or Proctor and haven't already done so, please make sure you read this over carefully. I will be handing out hard copies at our meeting tomorrow.

For those who will be using Chromebooks for and after testing, please see this slide from Vikki and Mandi. Chromebooks need to be put in "kiosk mode" during testing, which prevents students from searching the web or using other applications during standardized testing times. However, here are the directions to get out of that mode if you plan to use the Chromebooks after testing is over in the afternoons.

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Earth Day

Earth Day is on Friday, April 22nd. We will not be running a whole-school event this year as we did last year. Please incorporate some Earth-Day themed topics into your lessons that day. Also, consider taking your students outside for instruction, play-time, weeding, etc...
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Tech Bytes by Vikki

Did you know that the possibilities are endless with Google? Click here to learn how you and your students can use add-ons to do more tasks with Google Docs, Sheets, and Forms.

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Additional 90-Minute Staff Meeting

Just a reminder...

As a follow-up to all of your hard work with IBL and your movement up the SAMR ladder, we will be using the April 27th additional meeting as a celebration of your work. Each grade level/PLC will be asked to share out their progress in either IBL or SAMR, share just one activity over the course of the year, so that everyone can hear about the amazing things you are doing in your classes. We might have a little surprise afterwards too :)

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Student Behavior Agreements

Often times, we create behavior agreements with students in an effort to stop negative behaviors. But are we doing this correctly? And do they last over time? Check out the article below...
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Tweet o' the Week

Cool idea for testing days!
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