The Element Scandium

Hi, I am Scarlet Scandium. I have been around for a while but I wasn't officially discovered until 1879 by Lars Frederick Nilson. The way I got my name was that I was found in Scandinavia and Nilson was from Scandinavia. I am metal and I am solid at room temperature. Usually I am melted at 1,541 degrees Celsius and combined with my buddy Aluminum to make light metal sports equipment. I am also used in fish aquariums but very little but I supply the blueish tint to the glass.

On the periodic table I am number 21 and my symbol is Sc. I have 21 protons and eletrons, and 24 neutrons so my atomic mass is 45. I can be melted at 1,541 degrees Celsius and boiled at 3,103 degrees Celsius. The group I am classified in is the Transition metals. I have seven isotopes or different number of neutrons. Only one of my isotopes is a stable atoms and that is Sc 45 which is my usual form. The smallest isotope is Sc 44 and the largest is Sc 49. The radioactive isotope Sc 45 is used in oil refineries as a tracing agent.

I am considered a rare earth element, while other are not really rare I am. I am only found in small quantities and I am very difficult to separate from other elements. I am actually more abundant on the moon and the Sun then Earth. I am very expensive because I am so rare. My price is $270 per gram. I am used in many things but because I am so expensive very little of me is used. In 1960, man produced the first pound of me. Today there is actually only one mine that can extract me. My appearance is a silvery white color but when exposed to air I tarnish a yellowish pinkish color.

Some of my other uses are I am used in stamdium lights and mercury vapor lamps. All as a metal I am used in fighter jet frames. All a very diluted form of me is used for germination on crops. In future people would like to use me to store and contain my friend hydrogen. Well, nice talking to you! Bye.