Our Independence is Finally here!!


You Are Invited!!

You are being invited to celebrate the Independence of India.You don't want to miss it after many years of fighting for our Independence and after all the hard times we have been through all that hard work was worth it.

What To Bring ??

We would like for you to bring one of your family's favorite traditional dish.To show that everyone is important not just specific people.We should all be treated the same.

Independence Festival

Friday, Aug. 15th 1947 at 3pm


R.S.V.P- In order for us to know who will be coming please cut out where it is titled R.S.V.P if you will be attending put a check mark next to " I will be attending " and write the number of people that will be attending.If you can not attend put a check mark next to " Cannot attend" . Please fill it out as soon as you see it and drop it in the bucket outside your neighborhood.


Name _____________

______ will be attending

______ number of people attending

______ can not attend