My Career

By Reagan O'Dell

Brief description of what you will be doing in your job?

I would be working with kids, maybe teaching a class, or developing new type of plays.

How much will I earn in a year (salary)?

If I decide to coach at a college level it can be between 1 million to 3 million dollars a year not counting bonuses for a head coach. It depends on the college and the alumni you want to attend. It can be between 200,000-7 million for D2 schools to D1 schools.

How much education do I need?

You have to have a Bachelor’s degree it is the top degree you can get.

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What college will best prepare me for my occupation?

The college is Rice University located in Houston, Texas for a Kinesiology Degree. It probably wouldn’t be the collage I would want to attend because of the tuition. I would want to got to A&M.

How much will I travel with this job?

I will have to travel, it depends the offers I get from schools and my coaching skills.

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What skills do I already have that will help me in this occupation?

I have played football and understand the plays.

Why do I want to do this job?

Because I like sports and I want to teach them my knowledge of the game.

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Where will I be located with this job... exact location?

There is no exact location for a coach because I could be at one school for a year and then move to another for three years. It all depends on the offers and how good you are at coaching.

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