Gregor Mendel

The Pea Scientist

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Who he was

Gregor Mendel was a genetic scientist who showed how genes were transferred through various experiments on pea plants.

He was quite successful.

In his early years he was recognized as gifted, and was sent to a boarding school in Opava.

He also tutored fellow students for money, and had a good relationship with his teachers, and maintaned good grades.

But nobody is perfect...

His parents could afford good schooling, considering the fact they were poor farmers. He also went to a new school and didn't speak the language of the locals.
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How he tested heredity;

He used the power of pea plants, such as mixing long and short stem peas together. Or having pea plants in random types of fertilizers.

What did he discover?

There's a 3:1 ratio for peas, for example; 3 Round peas:1 angular. 3 Long stem:1 short steam. Showing round and long stem peas are dominant

What'd other scientists think?

Others didn't understand how the study on peas could apply to other organisms.

Donation to foundation

He donated his studies, which showed how a variety of genes were transferred and helps scientists venture farther into the field of genetics.


Dominant, and recessive genes. Dominant genes show, while the recessive genes do nothing alone. Then you have co-dominant genes, which aren't dominant nor recessive. In the picture below the brown eye genes from his/her dad is dominant, while the blue eye genes are recessive, making the eyes of their child brown.
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