1923 Great Kantō earthquake

by Jack Futter

The Earthquake

The Great Kanto Earthquake unexpectedly struck the Japanese main island honshu At lunchtime on Saturday, september the 1st, 1923. The earthquake was a devastating 7.9 on the Richter scale and lasted between 4 and 10 minutes. Just from the initial earthquake there was a huge 142,800 estimated deaths.

The Fire Tornado (yes fire tornado)

Almost as badass as Sharknado the infamous Japanese fire tornado was one the effects of the enormous earthquake. Since it happend around lunchtime there was a lot of families cooking over a fire because stoves weren't invented yet. The fire spread quickly and caused huge fire storms that sweep across the city killing hundreds. Then some tornados came along and sweep up the fire cause why friking not.


Just cause the city hadn't had enough already some small tsunarmis came and did even more damage. It was so destroyed that the government discussed moving the capital somewere ealse though this never happend